Ex-Democrat Artur Davis Defends GOP on Fast & Furious Probe, Voter ID

Yesterday former Rep. Artur Davis -- who served in Congress as a Democrat but recently became a Republican out of frustration with the Obama administration -- was a featured guest of the Heritage Foundation's weekly blogger briefing.

Davis briefly discussed the similarities between the upcoming election and the election of 1980. He claimed that Ronald Reagan had to make the American people realize that what the Carter administration was doing was ruining the economy and that Mitt Romney will have to make a similar case regarding President Obama.


Following his remarks, Davis conducted a roughly 10-minute Q&A session. Below are some of his answers on topics ranging from the Fast & Furious scandal to spurious charges by liberal Democrats that requiring photo ID to vote is racist:


  • Fast and Furious is something I have a very hard time understanding because I was a junior federal prosecutor in Montgomery, Alabama… We always had a basic principle…don’t let guns and drugs walk… I think the Republicans on the Hill are absolutely right to try to get to the bottom of it.
  • This [the Heritage Foundation headquarters] is the only building I’ve been in, in Washington that didn’t ask me for an ID… I’m for photo ID for a very simple reason I think it’s just good common sense… We’re accustomed to presenting ID, I don’t think it bothers anybody, I don’t think it disfranchises anybody I just think its common sense.
  • If you’re in the Democratic Party, if you don’t think the same on about five or six or seven issues as the mainstream of your party, you are as much out-to-lunch as any moderate Republican would be and many people can testify to that.
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