SNL Compares Mike Huckabee to Pedophile Jared Fogle

October 19th, 2015 2:22 PM

During Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update fake news segment, co-anchor Colin Jost compared Governor Mike Huckabee with pedophile Jared Fogle following the Republican’s criticism of the GOP debate. 

The SNL cast member proclaimed “Mike Huckabee was criticized during the debate when he tweeted that he trusts Bernie Sanders with his tax dollars like I trust my North Korean chef with my labrador. And I just want to say I trust Mike Huckabee with a joke like I trust Jared with my laptop.” 

Jost’s colleague Michael Che got in on the action and decided to attack Ben Carson after his recent rise in the polls, comparing him to a mentally disabled character in the movie Radio starring Cuba Gooding, Jr. 

Che joked: “A new poll shows that Donald Trump's lead over Ben Carson has shrunk to only 5%. Voters like Carson because of his inspiring story and his gentle way of speaking. Oh, I get it. They think he's Radio! That's why they like him.”