Dem. Strategist: GOP Will Prosecute Hillary Right Into The White House

Appearing as a guest on The Steve Malzberg Show, Democratic strategist and Newsmax contributor Hank Sheinkopf critized the GOP investigation of Benghazi claiming it will actually help Hillary Clinton if she decides to run for president in 2016. 

Sheinkopf argued that the GOP will “commit electoral suicide” by “pillaring her [Hillary Clinton] now” on Benghazi before asserting “setting her up to morally castigate her will only create a heroine and by that they will elect her president.” [See video below.] 

Sheinkopf’s comments seem to be a recurring theme among liberals, as on Monday May 5, Washington Post reporter Dan Balz expressed similar sentiments by arguing that the Benghazi scandal may in fact help Hillary in 2016. 

Balz maintained that "I talked to somebody over the weekend, a Democrat, who said, you know, this could actually be good for Clinton because the degree to which the right is really after her helps her with the left...if she's under attack by the right, the Democrats across the spectrum will be more forgiving of her." 

Sheinkopf doubled-down in his assertion that Benghazi will help Hillary by claiming attacking the Clintons “didn’t work when they did it to her husband. Do they really believe this is going to work now? And if they do it do you know what they’re going to do? They’re going to prosecute her right into the White House."  

The Democrat’s attempts to talk up Ms. Clinton seem to be a continual theme for the Newsmax contributor. Speaking to Reuters:

Hank Sheinkopf acknowledges that in Washington's heated partisan environment, some insiders in both parties "are going to complain about anything that Secretary Clinton does, and her supporters are going to say everything she does is great...This country has a history of putting rich people into public office. If they're jealous of the amount of money she's making for speeches, they should become the former first lady and a former senator and a former secretary of state, and see what happens. 

It appears as though the latest attempt among liberals to protect Hillary in 2016 is to blame the GOP for her involvement in the Benghazi terrorist attack. Rather than making her take responsibility for an attack that took place under her watch as Secretary of State, Balz and Sheinkopf seem to prefer deflecting blame away from Hillary Clinton as they do their best to instruct the media on how to defend her from the Benghazi criticism.     

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