MSNBC Host Suggests NRA Would 'Want' Mass Killing of Children

MSNBC’s Toure has reached a new low in his anti-gun crusade. Speaking on Thursday’s The Cycle, the co-host disgustingly said that the National Rifle Association would "want" shootings like the Newtown, Connecticut massacre of schoolchildren to happen for their benefit.

Toure’s perverse logic is that increased gun sales and NRA membership following the Newtown school shooting aids the gun organization:

Even as we say that these moments appear be bad for the NRA, and they sort of run and hide as if they know that these moments appear bad, but NRA membership booms in these moments. Gun sales boom in these moments. Bushmaster [rifle] sales are booming. In the wake of the Gabby Giffords shooting, Glocks boomed.  So in a perverse way -- they would never admit it this publicly -- but in a perverse way, these moments are actually good for them. So then, how do we expect them to really not want these moments?

Conservative co-host S.E. Cupp chastised Toure for his abhorrent remarks:

Oh, well, that's a terrible thing to say. The NRA would never want these kinds of moments, and the NRA invests millions annually in gun safety. I can think of one piece of legislation in 2007, the NICS Improvement Act which incentivized states to report people who had been adjudicated by a court to be mentally disabled or a danger to themselves or others or suicidal into a national database. That was legislation written by the NRA.

Yet, Toure continued his attack on the NRA by falsely claiming that the NRA, “have fought for the mentally disabled to be able to have guns. They have fought for that, so they do want that....That is absolutely true.”

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