Now You See It, Now You Don’t: Univision Erases Slam on Marco Rubio

It’s clear that liberal media bias is not limited to English speaking news outlets.  Such is the case with Univision, the largest Spanish-language television network in the United States, as they took to their Facebook page to trash Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL). 

Translated to English, Univision Noticias commented that:

Beyond ideology, Rubio is a mediocre politician and contradictory (sic) to the values he claims to represent.  Jeb Bush is more Latino and talented then him.

As the conservative blog El Tercer Riel pointed out, the comments made by Univsion were removed from Facebook three hours after the initial post for unknown reasons. The most likely explanation is that the Facebook page's administrator forgot to switch back to his/her personal user name to post the comment and accidentally added it from the corporate account.

It is unclear why the post was removed but the fact that such a post appeared from the official Facebook page of Univision Noticias exposes the liberal agenda behind this so-called news outlet. 

 One can only imagine the uproar that would emerge had a news organization made disparaging comments about a Democratic politician of Latino heritage instead of it being a Republican.  Even though someone at Univision tried to play damage control over the offensive comments, the Internet still has a digital trail which helped to expose the liberal mentality at Univision.

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