The Embarrassing Washington Post and Its Hidden Love of Authoritarianism

February 24th, 2024 4:00 PM

As is increasingly frequently the case with the so-called “mainstream media” -- you can’t make it up.

Take this recent headline from, yes indeed, the Washington Post: 

How Trump is becoming more authoritarian

The story, written by reporter Amber Phillips says, among other things, Trump is an authoritarian because he says he would be “Rounding up undocumented immigrants and keeping them in mass deportation camps.

Hello? Which is another way of saying that it’s okay for “undocumented immigrants” to flood the country, camp out in your back yard or move into your living room and there’s zero problem with that.

Trump is supposedly showing authoritarian behavior because he would “Use the federal government to target his enemies.” 

You mean like the Biden Administration has become the first in American history to seek to indict and arrest Biden’s leading political opponent? The Biden Administration is in fact guilty of exactly the decidedly authoritarian position the Post accuses Trump of just wanting to do - but who, in fact, never did while president. But strangely, the Post ignores in this article.

Trump, says the Post, is showing authoritarian behavior because he would “Make it harder to protest against him.”  Huh? Some 574 American cities erupted in violent riots in the summer of 2020 during the Trump administration.  And when Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton had the brass to write an Op-Ed for the New York Times merely suggesting the federal government should send in the National Guard to quell the riots, the lefty Times staff famously revolted at shutting down the authoritarian trashing of American cities. Trump did not send the National Guard to chill the decidedly authoritarian BLM rioters. Maybe he should have.

The Post article closes by saying: 

Josh Chafetz, a constitutional law professor at Georgetown University, added in a recent interview: “If a president is truly determined to make himself a dictator, the question at the end of the day is whether the military and other force-deploying agencies of the federal government are willing to go along. If they are, there’s not much Congress or the courts could do about it.

The hard fact the Post simply chooses to ignore is that right this minute the Biden Administration and its targeting of its leading political opponent is exactly the authoritarianism the Post tries to attribute to a future Trump administration. 

Which raises the obvious question. How much does the Washington Post really love authoritarianism - when that authoritarianism is in Joe Biden’s hands?

Answer? They apparently love it too much to condemn it.