What the Liberal Media Won't Say About Trump's New Hampshire Win

January 27th, 2024 4:00 PM

It’s not news to say the liberal media hates Trump. That’s both yesterday’s news and tomorrow’s news.

As noted in this space last week, both CNN and MSNBC made a point of censoring the former President’s victory speech after winning the Iowa caucuses.

This time around, after Trump’s New Hampshire win, it was liberal media censorship by omission. 

It took Newsmax to headline: 

Trump Sets Record for Most Votes in N.H. Primary

In which Newsmax (and full disclosure, I am a Newsmax contributor) recorded that Trump had received a record-smashing 163,713 votes. The most winning votes in the primary’s history, with Newsmax running the final results of every GOP New Hampshire primary winner every four years dating back 72 years. That would be 1952, the year when General Dwight Eisenhower won the primary.

But the Times headline? 

That would be: 

New Hampshire and Iowa Reveal Broader Weaknesses for Trump

As Donald J. Trump pivots to a general election, early results point at the rough road ahead with critical independent voters.

And, but of course, there was not a single reference in the Times piece of that record-smashing Trump win with over 163,000 votes. One could argue he only had one opponent, but then why such a big turnout, if he had it in the bag?

At CNN, there was no reference to Trump’s record-breaking vote total either. No, this was the CNN headline: 

Fact check: Trump makes false claims in New Hampshire victory speech

Those “false claims” revolve around the much-debated conduct of the 2020 election. But there was no mention of Trump’s brand new, decidedly factual record-breaking New Hampshire victory.

Over at MSNBC, the network’s Chris Hayes ignored the surge in the Trump New Hampshire vote total, but said there was a reason for Trump’s win. That would be “base xenophobia paired with a pledge to protect Social Security.”

Ahhh yes. Trump won all his votes because he and his voters are racist. Of course.

What this kind of coverage is all about is what can easily be called “omission journalism.” In which left-leaning outlets, instead of outright censorship as was practiced by CNN and MSNBC in not carrying Trump’s Iowa victory statement, target Trump by simply not reporting selective facts that indicate how and why he is winning. 

So he smashes the New Hampshire primary record -- and not a peep from the liberal media. 

The bottom line here is simple. 

America is now one month into the election year. Clearly, Trump is winning. And just as clearly, the so-called “mainstream media”, aka the liberal/left-wing media, is already at work employing whatever they think will silence Trump news outright- aka censorship. And failing that there is the fallback of using omission journalism, simply not performing the central job of real journalism: reporting the facts. And not reporting them because they think to report the facts could help him.

Surprised? Of course not. 

So with ten full months and a couple days to go before the election, keeping a sharp eye on the conduct of the liberal media, specifically what they censor outright or simply choose not to report, is going to be a daily task.

A long year stretches ahead.