Joe Scarborough Stands Up for Fascism

December 23rd, 2023 5:35 PM

Well there’s a 180.

Recall when stories like this one were written of MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough? The headline: 

Joe Scarborough Calls Republicans Stupid Fascists Following Hunter Biden Indictment

Colby Hall at Mediaite reports: 

Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski could not contain their disgust over Hunter Biden’s recent indictment, calling Republicans “stupid” and “fascist.”

Some House Republicans were openly trying to hide their glee over the indictment of President Joe Biden’s son, according to comments made by Rep. Darrell Issa, which stands in stark comparison to the behavior of Democratic members of Congress, like Eric Swalwell and Jamie Raskin, who treated the indictment of Hunter Biden without “screeching and crying about the weaponization of the judicial system,” according to Brzezinski.

“You’re saying they acted like people who actually respect American democracy?” Scarborough interjected. “You’re saying like you’re saying they weren’t like fascists, who, when their leaders were charged with something, tried to tear down the jury system, they tried to tear down the FBI? So they weren’t like there weren’t like Republicans who were playing fascists that we were going to tear down the FBI, the Justice Department, and even attack the jury system if they didn’t like something?”

Then there was this headline from over at HuffPost: 

Joe Scarborough Rips Through Frightening List Of Donald Trump's Fascism 

“It’s time that fascism is called fascism and Americans know exactly what they’re voting for,” said the “Morning Joe” cohost.

Lee Moran reported:

 "MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough on Tuesday explained why he believes Donald Trump ticks every box when it comes to fascism.

‘It’s time that fascism is called fascism and Americans know exactly what they’re voting for,’ said the “Morning Joe” cohost. ‘You know, I’ve heard people pooh-pooh this and go, ‘Oh, people on the far left.’ No. I’m a conservative, I’m on the right. There’s a difference between conservatism, radicalism and fascism. This is fascism.’"

Really? Well now here is the new Joe. Our own Mark Finkelstein had the NewsBusters headline: 

Scarborough Flip Flop—He Now Supports Colorado Court Kicking Trump Off Ballot

Mark writes: 

Who got to Joe Scarborough?

The question arises in light of Scarborough's stunning flip flop over the Colorado Supreme Court decision kicking Donald Trump off the ballot.

Yesterday, we caught Scarborough expressing surprising skepticism over the court's ruling. Scarborough dubiously asked whether the decision should be made by "people on cable news," or by state judges "randomly" deciding. Scarborough suggested that a prerequisite to barring Trump should be a conviction for insurrection in a D.C. court. 

What a difference a day makes! Twenty-four hours later, there was Scarborough this morning, praising the Colorado decision to the heavens as "the most pro-democratic thing that can be done." Scarborough even approvingly cited former judge Michael Luttig, who, on Nicolle Wallace's MSNBC show yesterday, praised the Colorado decision as "a masterful judicial opinion. It is unassailable and irrefutable in every single respect.”

Hmm. So self-proclaimed “conservative” Joe Scarborough is standing up for killing democracy. Which is to say, ole Joe’s Christmas present to his viewers is to essentially admit that, yes indeed, he is really an anti-democracy fascist. 

Now that America knows this the wait will be on to see when Joe signs on to this story headlined from Breitbart: 

Exclusive: Republicans Drafting Bills to Remove Joe Biden from Ballots in Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania

Wendell Husebo reports: 

Three Republican state lawmakers are drafting legislation to remove President Joe Biden from ballots in Georgia, Arizona, and Pennsylvania, Breitbart News exclusively learned Friday.

If Biden is removed from the ballots, the president will have difficulty winning the Democrat primary and presidential election. Georgia, Arizona, and Pennsylvania are vital swing states. 

The three state representatives who are drafting the three bills are:

Pennsylvania Rep. Aaron Bernstine (R)

Georgia Rep. Charlice Byrd (R)

Arizona Rep. Cory Mcgarr (R)

The state representatives’ aim is to fight back against the Democrats’ so-called “lawfare” used to attack former President Donald Trump. The Colorado Supreme Court ruled Tuesday in a 4-3 opinion that the United States Constitution’s ‘Insurrection Clause’ blocks Trump from appearing on the state’s presidential ballot.

So the obvious question. 

Since Joe Scarborough is standing up for the fascist, decidedly anti-democracy move by those fascist Colorado judges to keep former President Trump off the ballot, surely Joe will have no problem with these Republican legislators from Pennsylvania, Georgia and Arizona doing exactly the same to President Biden.

After all. The fascist sauce for the Trump goose must be the same as the fascist sauce for the Biden gander. And since Joe no longer supports the American people’s democratic right to vote for their president by keeping Trump off the ballot, he should have no problem doing exactly the same by keeping Biden off the ballot either. Right Joe?