The Atlantic Melts Down at a Second Trump Term

December 9th, 2023 4:00 PM

Even for the paranoia and hysteria that have become emblematic of Never Trumpers, the Trump-hating Atlantic magazine has outdone itself.

Alerting readers to this sizable forthcoming physical issue of the magazine, there is a jump on the subject with an online version.  The terrified headline in capital letters:


The intro warns darkly:

A second Trump presidency won’t just mirror the first. It will be much worse. In The Atlantic’s January/February issue, two dozen writers warn what could happen if Donald Trump is re-elected, from destroying the rule of law to abandoning NATO and reshaping the international order.

This special issue aims to define the stakes of the coming election, lay out in detail the dangers to all aspects of American life, and, as staff writer Tom Nichols argues, ‘counteract the complacency - or fatalism-that comes when trying to think about threats of this magnitude.’

Got that? The Biden presidency, which has brought on not one but two wars, rampant inflation, and the weaponization of the Department of Justice and FBI? No problems there for the editors.

But a second Trump presidency? Where there were no wars in Israel and Ukraine, the economy hummed and the Justice Department was not prosecuting Trump’s opponents? O…M…G shrieks The Atlantic.

The list of hysteria driven writers includes David Frum arguing a Trump second term “would plunge the country into a constitutional crisis not seen since the Civil War.”

Barton Gellman frets about “what will happen if he again becomes the chief law-enforcement officer of the United States.”

And writer Jennifer Senior is frantic about, yes, “the daily psychic toll of another Trump term.” Really.

On and on- and on and on - goes this massive display of Trump Derangement Syndrome. There will be “unchecked misogyny” (this from an American Left that launched an all out political freak-out over the nomination to the Supreme Court of Amy Coney Barrett), a “MAGA version of U.S. history,” and, but of course, “a judiciary more loyal to Trump than to the Constitution.” (This would be as opposed to left-wing judges more loyal to leftism and Presidents Obama and Biden then the Constitution.)

Then there’s fretting over “The Specter of Family Separation” at the border, the news that “The Climate Can’t Afford Another Trump Presidency”, and, laughably, a segment on “Is Journalism Ready?”.

As Hunter Biden is indicted and House Republicans are uncovering the massive corruption of the Biden family influence peddling schemes The Atlantic writes a section on a looming “Corruption Unbound” in a Trump administration. Really!

Then there’s the question of “Why Xi Wants Trump to Win.” No mention of all those Hunter Biden China ties. But amusingly The Atlantic salutes Biden for having “operated quietly” with China. 

And, of course, there is a laughable section titled “Loyalists, Lapdogs, and Cronies.” In which the magazine frets about the return of Trumpers Stephen Miller and Ric Grenell in domestic and foreign policy positions. Grenell, a longtime foreign policy activist, former Ambassador to Germany and Acting Director of National Intelligence terrifies The Atlantic that he might be the next Secretary of State. There is no mention that all presidents surround themselves with supportive allies and staff.

There’s more. As mentioned, this considerable fretting over what happens “If Trump Wins” goes on and on.

But make no mistake. We are mere weeks from the official start of the 2024 election. An election in which, as this is written, the polls repeatedly show Trump winning the GOP nomination in a landslide, and going on to defeat President Biden after that.

If all of that is accurate brace yourself for a cosmic meltdown in the leftwing media. The hysteria cited in this space today is from but one publication - The Atlantic. Add in all the rest of the lib media - the broadcast networks, CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, The Washington Post and more and what lies ahead is an avalanche of media hysteria. 

Buckle in.