Megyn Kelly vs. Jimmy Fallon: NBC and Double Standards

February 9th, 2019 4:00 PM

Megyn Kelly, she famously late of NBC, was fired not long ago from her NBC morning show. The New York Post’s “Page Six” headlined the Kelly story this way: “Megyn Kelly out at NBC After Defending Blackface." 

The Post story began: 

“Megyn Kelly is out at NBC following controversial comments she made about blackface this week, a source told Page Six.

It took just 48 hours for Kelly to be cut from the network.

During a panel discussion on “Megyn Kelly Today” on Tuesday with Jenna Bush Hager, Jacob Soboroff and Melissa Rivers, Kelly said, “You do get in trouble if you are a white person who puts on blackface for Halloween, or a black person who puts on whiteface for Halloween. Back when I was a kid, that was okay just as long as you were dressing as a character.”

The former Fox News host, 47, apologized to her staff in an email later that day and on Wednesday, she made a public apology on-air.”

NBC, you see, has a strict no-tolerance policy for blackface.

Oh wait. Let’s amend that. NBC has a strict no-tolerance policy for blackface - unless you are liberal Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon.  Here is Fallon in blackface as comedian Chris Rock.  

As writer Eddie Scarry headlined over at the New York Post, Fallon has curiously fallen silent on the subject of Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s blackface scandal. So too, as Scarry, has noted, has silence descended on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel, that late night host also infamous for his blackface impersonation, this one of basketball’s Karl Malone. The Scarry headline was this: “Why Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon Aren’t Talking About Blackface.”

The “why”, of course, is obvious. As Northam is subject to a virtual firestorm of criticism the two comedians who did exactly what Northam is accused of doing - not at some private party but on national television - are doubtless hoping this just all goes away.

And in fact, unlike Megyn Kelly, Fallon wasn’t just musing aloud about the propriety of  doing blackface, he actually did an entire routine in blackface. And NBC’s response? Zip.

It is worth noting here that Megyn Kelly’s remark was just that —  an off the cuff remark that was clearly impromptu. Fallon on the other hand did an entire skit in blackface, which is to say a considerable amount of pre-planning went into his routine. Somebody — Fallon or a writer —  had to first come up with the idea. Then the routine had to be written and memorized, put on a teleprompter, and make-up applied. Then came the performance in front of live television cameras.

Former Vice President Joe Biden has tweeted of Northam: “There is no place for racism in America. Governor Northam has lost all moral authority and should resign immediately…”

Yet here is another headline about Joe Biden, this from the UK’s Daily Mail: “Joe Biden dons shades and shares an ice cream with Jimmy Fallon as he quips that Trump 'never really wanted to be president' and ran 'for a lark.’”

Then there’s Nancy Pelosi on Northam. 

“The photo is racist and contrary to fundamental American values. I join my colleagues in Virginia calling on Governor Northam to do the right thing so that the people of the Commonwealth of Virginia can heal and move forward.”

Yet here is the self-same Nancy Pelosi joking around with - Jimmy Fallon. The headline in Mediaite: “Jimmy Fallon To Nancy Pelosi: ‘Have You Ever Seen Paul Ryan With His Shirt Off?’”

Not to be left out is New Jersey’s Senator Cory Booker, a declared candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination. Said the Senator: 

“These images arouse centuries of anger, anguish, and racist violence and they've eroded all confidence in Gov. Northam's ability to lead. We should expect more from our elected officials. He should resign.”

Yet there was the self-same Cory Booker appearing on Jimmy Fallon’s show, getting headlines like this one from “ Cory Booker tells Jimmy Fallon About His Now-Famous 'Bring It!' Moment During Kavanaugh Hearing.”

Booker was boasting about his insistence on violating Senate rules during the Kavanaugh hearing and releasing documents (that were set for release anyway). The Senator, however, was not brave enough to confront Fallon over his blackface performance.

Here’s another probable Democratic presidential candidate, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, demanding Northam’s resignation:  

“These racist images are deeply disturbing. Hatred and discrimination have no place in our country and must not be tolerated, especially from our leaders — Republican or Democrat.”

Got that? Warren says “our leaders” must not tolerate “racist images.” Yet here is the very same Elizabeth Warren, as headlined in the Washington Post: “Elizabeth Warren Explains to Jimmy Fallon Why Democrats Can’t Be Like the Dog in ‘Up.’”

Not to be left out is Vermont’s Senator Bernie Sanders. Said the once and possibly future Democratic presidential hopeful about Northam’s blackface photo: “Gov. Northam should resign.”

Yet, sure enough, here is Bernie Sanders as headlined by Time magazine: “Bernie Sanders Blasts Trump on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon.”

So what do we have here? What we have is an onslaught of left-wing double standards when it comes to the blackface problem. NBC fires Megyn Kelly for a stupid remark about blackface — but says nary a peep about firing Jimmy Fallon, who actually performed an entire skit in blackface.

So too is NBC and the rest of the liberal media silent about all those prominent Democrats demanding Northam’s resignation - while those self-same Democrats happily appeared on Fallon’s show and never said a word about Fallon’s blackface problem. Nor, interestingly, have they said a word about their Fallon appearances now in the wake of the Northam episode.

All of which goes to illustrate, yet again, that the hypocrisy of the liberal media, not to mention the double-standards of all  those left-wing politicians, runs deeper and wider than the Grand Canyon.

Shocker. Not.