Chuck Norris: Obama Wants 'To Create a One World Order' at Copenhagen Climate Talks

Are the upcoming Copenhagen climate talks really about nothing more than hammering out a world-wide agreement about carbon emissions to curb warming? Not according to martial arts professional and actor Chuck Norris.

Norris appeared on the Fox News Channel's Nov. 11 "Your World with Neil Cavuto" to promote his new book, "The Official Chuck Norris Fact Book: 101 of Chuck's Favorite Facts and Stories." He explained the upcoming Copenhagen talks in December were a push by President Barack Obama to form a "one world order."

"Definitely," Norris said. "I really think he is going over there to try to create a one world order."

That's similar to Lord Christopher Monckton's belief, who recently warned Obama was "poised to cede U.S. sovereignty" at Copenhagen. Norris' fear is that since some third-world countries have not caught up economically to the United States, this would be a backdoor way to help them catch up - by giving "our money" to them.

"My big worry is the fact is that we as a nation, if we start having to be obligated to other countries," Norris said. "In this conference, they're going to try to take our money and send it to third-world countries because of, since we spend so much oil and these other countries have suffered, then we're going to give our money to these third-world countries."

Norris argued an undertaking like Copenhagen would be much better put toward the poor domestically.

"Neil, we have people here starving in our own country," Norris said. "You know, my foundation, I have families, who are making $9,000 a year - the kids I'm teaching. Why aren't we trying to help the poverty in our own country?"

But isn't the Copenhagen conference a good faith effort by concerned statesmen to save the Earth?

"I don't buy that," Norris replied. "You know Al Gore became a hundred million dollar millionaire, you know, from the global bomboggle. I don't really, I don't believe it for a second. I think it's a big con game that they're doing."

The ultimate result from Copenhagen: A fundamental change of the United States "as we know it."

"Who know what is going to happen," Norris continued. "God forbid that this happens in our country. Our country as we know it now no longer exists, Neil. That's the whole thing right there."

Cavuto proposed the intentions of the makers of Copenhagen were pure. 

"I don't believe that," Norris continued. "First of all, I don't think China is going to go for this. I don't believe India is going to go for this. ... [China] is not going to change. The thing is, for them to say, ‘United States, you change, but we're not going to change, so you clean up your country, but we're going to, you know, keep polluting our part of the country. You know, it's ludicrous. It really is."

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