Ed Schultz Continues Warped Fixation With Glenn Beck Not Going to College

MSNBC host Ed Schultz has had it in for conservative radio talker and author Glenn Beck ever since Beck's Restoring Honor rally at the Lincoln Memorial in August 2010 vastly overdrew a union-sponsored rally held at the same site several weeks later where Schultz was among the speakers.

In his most recent criticism of Beck, Schultz actually slammed Beck for not going to college -- which is amusing considering Schultz's decided lack of interest in what Obama did while in higher ed. Anyone curious about that, though, is clearly a racist. (Audio after the jump)

Schultz's loathing for Beck is so intense that even when Beck expresses regret for some of his previous statements, such as claiming that Obama has a "deep-seated hatred for white people," Schultz continues piling on. (audio) --

Glenn Beck seems to be having a transformation of sorts. He was on "Reliable Sources" on CNN over the weekend and maybe he signaled to them that he was going to say something human. Beck has played a part in tearing this country apart and he of course has admitted to that now, says he's said some stupid things. That's something that I can agree with. The first mistake that Beck has made, in my opinion, is that he just doesn't accept apologies. Uh, when I went through a time with Laura Ingraham over three years ago (Schultz alluding to him maligning Ingraham on his radio show as a "slut," for which Schultz apologized and MSNBC suspended him for a week), how many times does a guy have to apologize? The right wing throws that at me all the time. You can't apologize to these people.

Beck goes on to say that he regrets calling President Obama a racist. Really? Why is that? At every turn he hates Obama. He's a peddler of hate. He's a hate merchant and has been for years.

This from a man who boasts that the reason so few Republicans appear on "The Ed Show" is that Schultz can't stand them. Do as I say, not as I spew!

He hates any form of government. (Schultz making the infantile liberal error of confusing conservatives with anarchists). He hates union (while Schultz is a huge fan -- ka-ching!), he hates collective bargaining, he hates people's voices in the workplace (stop with the singing in the office!), he doesn't want any involvement of the government in health care whatsoever. And then he gives commentary about how we should be coming together? Really? How do you come together on health care when we had a system in this country that allowed people to get sick, go bankrupt and lose everything. (This would never happen in The Utopia Envisioned By Schultz). Whose side are you on when you're against workers' rights? And, of course, the voting rights, whose side is he on there? This guy's a phony. (Schultz quoting role model Holden Caulfield). This is the same guy who back in 2003 labeled Cindy Sheehan a tragedy hour. (Don't hold your breath waiting for Sheehan to condemn Obama on MSNBC for sending troops to Iraq). Think about that -- a mother loses her son in Iraq, becomes an activist against the war and is proclaimed by a national broadcaster as being a tragedy whore. Start with an apology there, Beck, and maybe we could believe what you're saying today, years after.

So he praises Bernie Sanders, says he's never met the man but he's a socialist and he says .... good for you, I could be friends with a guy like that because he knows who he is. ... Beck, who are you?! We don't know who you are! (But I hate you anyway!). Everything is for the dollar with that guy across the board (so says the guy who flies his private jet between domiciles in NYC and Minnesota and the fishing lodge he owns in Canada). He is a guy who starves for attention and he's finally cleansing himself in figuring out who he is.

I don't know, did he ever, does he have any academic credentials at all? Anything?

Hmm, I thought after hearing this, where have I heard it before. Then it dawned on me -- a Twitter exchange last month between Schultz and Dan Andros, a writer for Beck's show on BlazeTV.

Andros posted an account of his run-in with Schultz on The Blaze, a Beck-run website, and it made for amusing reading.

It started with Schultz tweeting that "There is another Scott Walker story out there to report ... More shady deals ! Tonight on The Ed Show 5 pm est."

To which Andros responded to Schultz, "so shady! like that time you were bought and paid for by the Democratic party." Andros included this link in the tweet to a 2009 NewsBusters post about liberal radio host Randi Rhodes alleging that Schultz's radio show got its start with hundreds of thousands of dollars to Schultz from Senate Democrats -- a claim confirmed by the Los Angeles Times.

This clearly got under Schultz's skin -- he responded, "work for the Blaze ? Now that's a real job. !," indicating that he had read Andros's profile. Followed by Andros writing back, "You got me there Ed! ... "Forbes Lists Glenn Beck as One of the World's Most Powerful Celebrities," with a link to the story.

Schultz then deleted his initial tweet to Andros, which Andros learned when he received a notification alert that Schultz was now following him on Twitter. Schultz's initial tweet had been deleted, and Schultz sent Andros a private message on Twitter, one that could not be seen by their followers -- "Really ? I didn't know that ... Did they mention former drug addict and drop out ? I'm just asking the question , I don't know ?"

Then another direct message to Andros -- "How much money has Beck taken from the mormans ? I don't know , I'm just asking the question ?"

Yes -- the "mormans." Schultz also deleted these messages, according to Andros, who learned of them from of an alert sent to his Gmail account.

"Whatever the reason, Ed felt remorse for sending these messages," Andros wrote. "Perhaps it was the creepy, passive aggressive way he direct messaged them instead of just tweeting them, revealing his day long obsession over one little tweet. Perhaps it was guilt over mocking Glenn's history with drugs and alcohol -- a clearly invalid point because Glenn has been sober for more than 15 years and displays no signs of relapse. You know, signs like angry outbursts, inability to function at work, extremely poor decision-making -- like emotion tweeting in the wee hours of the morning and then scrambling to try and cover your tracks."

For what it's worth, Beck decided against attending college while a teenager, according to a profile at Biography.com, opting instead to pursue a career in radio and quickly establishing himself as a force to be reckoned with. Schultz earned a bachelor's degree at Minnesota State University at Moorhead, where he was All-American quarterback of the football team and briefly signed with the Oakland Raiders.

Considering that Schultz was Big Man on Campus while Beck chose work over academics, Schultz's fixation on Beck's lack of a sheepskin becomes more understandable. But with having Schultz hit age 60 back in January, isn't he way past the point that he should be harping about what people did after they finished high school? 

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