Zing! Limbaugh Aptly Compares Obama to MSNBC's Ronan Farrow

Five years and running into the Obama presidency and Rush Limbaugh may have just come up with the best analogy for it.

On his radio show Wednesday, Limbaugh cited an awkward parallel between our gallant leader and Ronan Farrow, the lighter-than-air MSNBC midday anchor of indeterminate paternity. (Audio after the jump)

Surely I wasn't alone in laughing when I heard this (audio) --

President Obama was going to unify America, remember? Post-racial, post-partisan, a brand-new president unlike any we'd every had, and all of the old hatreds were going to vanish simply because he'd been elected as the first African-American president, the first smart one in a while, first smart Democrat president, here we are, this guy can speak well, he's very, very, very articulate, great crease in the slacks (alluding to NY Times columnist David Brooks' praising Obama's pants), he's got it just perfect. Guy won the Nobel Prize bef-, I mean, within two months. (Closer to nine months after Obama took office, but still ...).

It's kind of like, you remember this Ronan Farrow, this 26-year-old that got a show on MSNBC for having done nothing but maybe be Frank Sinatra's kid? And I don't think he was on the air two days and they gave him the Walter Cronkite Award for some sort of excellence in journalism. And it was just like how the left gave Obama the Nobel peace prize before he'd done anything and they asked the Nobel committee about this -- what do you mean, he hasn't  ... (Limbaugh mimicking Nobel committee's response) It's because of what he brings to the prospects of peace. It's because of what Obama means for the hope of the world. Right, well, where are we? The world is in flames! Obama doesn't care when you get right down to it. He got the Nobel peace prize, it's just a joke! I mean, the traditions, the institutions that used to have real meaning and real inspiration, used to really mean something, have been corrupted and watered down now to meaninglessness.

Darn, wish I'd thought of that analogy. Turns out their ratings are comparable too.

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