NOW President: Hobby Lobby Ruling is Example of Supreme Court Waging 'Actual War' on Women

Incoming! Clear the deck!

Oops, sorry ... yet another false alarm resulting from altogether too much loose talk about "war" where none exists. Liberals have so incessantly flogged the "war on women" meme that they have fully crossed the line into caricature, just as their kneejerk claims of racism heaved at anyone who dares disagree have rendered the word devoid of any meaning. (Audio after the jump)

This time it came by way of National Organization for Women president Terry O'Neill, appearing on Ed Schultz's podcast to express her Deep Concern about the Supreme Court's decision in the Hobby Lobby case (audio) --

SCHULTZ: Well, because you have different body parts than I do ...


SCHULTZ: ... your coverage is going to be different. (Inadvertently citing underlying reason for disparity in insurance rates). I just find that utterly amazing!  And this should be a real wake-up call (for Schultz, everything is) to every women in America that the Supreme Court is at war with women. (Medic! Medic! I'm hit!) This is, this is, this is (... Schultz at his most articulate) discrimination is what it is. And this, this puts the government between you and your employer! (It's the employer mandate that does this, Ed, and you're a huge fan, remember?)

O'NEILL: Right. (timidly, not a path she wants to take). Yeah, it does. (recovering, back on message) and it's shocking that John Roberts has taken the court in the direction of waging actual war on women.

Clarification: the Roberts' court is not "waging actual war on women," but heading in that direction. Important distinction, duly noted. The court has mobilized to inflict carnage, but not yet done so.

I'd love nothing more than for O'Neill to engage in debate with a person who has lived through actual combat, to see if she would dare utter this idiocy in that person's presence. Then again, she probably would. It takes time for trained parrots to unlearn their lines.

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