Ed Schultz Robotically Blames 'Right-Wing Talkers' for Sterling's Racist Bile

April 30th, 2014 12:11 PM

Did you know that many conservative commentators are also consummate ventriloquists? Or so Ed Schultz seems to believe.

Schultz, who loves going out on a limb that invariably collapses under the weight of his hypocrisy, is blaming "right-wing talkers" such as Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, his two favorite targets in the genre, for racist remarks made by LA Clippers' owner Donald Sterling. (Audio after the jump)

How so? Because they've criticized President Obama, and Sterling doesn't like black people, ergo, right wing talkers are to blame. In Schultz's convoluted world view, the people doing things wrong aren't responsible for their actions, it's assorted conservatives demonized by Schultz on any given day who are at fault.

Here's Schultz on his radio show Monday trying to shift culpability from Sterling to people whose politics Schultz opposes (audio) --

So the president goes to the other side of the world and that's what he gets asked about, racism. How sad is that? But you know what? When you're the first, you always get picked on. And I have to tell you that this president, I think, is very bold, very strong, very well guided, and has a moral compass. And there's absolutely no question about it that he has been picked on because of the color of his skin. And there's no doubt that he has been called many names by conservative talkers in America, many names. He has been targeted, he has been obstructed. And I think that the way this president has been treated empowers jokers like this (alluding to Sterling), like, well, the government does it, we all see it. I guess we can say whatever the hell we want and act however we want. That's my take on it. I, I, I think that this is a scab that's been ripped off again and it's a scab that really, undoubtedly is gonna happen again and again on America. But I believe, I pin this attitude that we have in society being inflamed by right-wing talkers who hate this president, that embolden people such as this guy to go on and act disrespectful against society.

Yeah, news to me too that conservative talkers constitute "the government" in this country. Heck, when was that election held? I would have voted for them.

It's true -- Obama has been "picked on" and "called many names" and we can all agree that no eighth grade president should ever be treated this way. Especially one so bold and strong and well guided and dreamy. How can we know for certain that Obama possesses such qualities? By whether he reacts to name-calling and people making mean faces at him in study hall and whether apologists such as Schultz rush to his aid. A genuinely strong leader might actually shrug off such trifles and focus instead on actual priorities -- such as lifting the country from its stubborn economic doldrums.

Schultz's claim about "right-wing talkers" influencing Sterling suffers from a fatal flaw -- Ed Schultz claiming it. His infamous slur against Laura Ingraham looks tame compared to so much of his other vile commentary -- such as saying that conservative broadcasters in this country "want Obama to get shot," "would love to see Obama taken out."

What made such a statement all the more despicable is that Schultz actually did wish someone dead, namely Dick Cheney, who he described as "an enemy of the people." This was followed by Schultz -- who often describes himself as a God-fearing Christian -- praying aloud, "Lord, take him to the Promised Land, will you? See, I don't even wish the guy goes to Hell, I just want him to get the hell out of here."

As magnanimous as it gets from Schultz -- not wanting Cheney to go to hell, but not wanting him among the living either. Seems only fair though, considering how Cheney "wants this country to get hit," Schultz claimed in 2009. "He wants another terrorist attack for political gain."

(All of these statements, along with many others from Schultz and equally unhinged liberals, are documented in the MRC report "The Real Radio Hatemongers: Left-Wing Radio Hosts' Track Record of Vile and Vicious Rhetoric.")

The notion of Schultz lecturing anyone on being disrespectful is patently laughable -- seeing how hateful disrespect is his modus operandi and has been for years. This explains why his face so often resembles a clenched fist, in case you were wondering.