Their Praise for Cliven Bundy Shows Hannity and Huckabee Want 'Armed Insurrection' - Ed Schultz

Does it get more laughable in media when Ed Schultz accuses others of being incendiary?

Schultz's years-long obsession and resentment of conservative commentator Sean Hannity, and of Fox News, surfaced once again yesterday when he criticized Hannity and fellow Fox News personality Mike Huckabee for their remarks about Cliven Bundy, the Nevadan rancher locked in a dispute with the federal Bureau of Land Management over cattle grazing fees. (Audio clips after the jump)

Schultz accused both Hannity and Huckabee with fomenting "armed insurrection against the government," all but calling them traitors and accusing them of sedition (audio) --

They make the case there's too much government. They make the case that if there's too much government, then maybe if a Bundy guy comes along, for decades doesn't pay his fees, that ah that's OK, that's OK, Bundy, just go ahead and do it, we know you're only one, although every other rancher in America needs to pay the fee. Uh, and so now this guy is getting allies in the news media who simply don't understand the law, but hate Obama and hate government so much that they're willing to go outside the realm of a representative government, draw judgment and let the person be judge, jury and executioner on site, with policy, no questions asked. That's psycho is what it is. And that is anti-American. It is anti-American. The garbage that Hannity and Huckabee are throwing out there is anti-American. It circumvents a representative government. Armed insurrection against the government. This is what they are advocating.

Operative phrase here -- "anti-American" -- Schultz still hobbled by the infantile belief that repetition makes it so.

Good gosh, what was it that Hannity did to engender such toxic wrath? I watched the Hannity show that Schultz was referencing, on Tuesday when he interviewed Bundy, and waited in vain for Hannity to pump his fist and shout "revolution!" Hannity was obviously sympathetic to Bundy and his family, but for Schultz to label Hannity a traitor based on that interview is akin to me suggesting that Schultz wants Hannity executed for treason. Then again ...

Hannity's closing remark in his interview with Bundy led Schultz to gleefully conclude that an armed Hannity will soon join with Bundy and his family in a potential shoot-out with federales (audio) --

HANNITY: To me, it's almost like a tipping point that people are fed up to here with the government pushing people around and I think your case just became a rallying point. ... If they come back, I'll be out there with you. Thanks for being with us.

SCHULTZ: Whoa! Hannity's gonna be on the front line with his sidearm! He's gonna be out there taking on federal agents, just like he's gonna get water-boarded.

Try to tamp down your excitement, Ed, situation's a powerkeg, remember?

Schultz toned down his remarks -- barely -- a few hours later on "The Ed Show" yesterday when he said "Fox News and Sean Hannity should be ashamed of their coverage of this law breaker and this law-breaking Nevada rancher and his family." (As well as Fox's law-breaking coverage). I think Sean Hannity is cheerleading for armed conflict with the federal government."

As for Huckabee, Schultz cited his remarks at AFP's Freedom Summit over the weekend, when he spoke about the Bundy/BLM dispute and said he's "beginning to think there's more freedom in North Korea sometimes than in the United States." Fittingly enough, accusing anyone of inciting "armed insurrection" based on Huckabee's remarks at the summit is what you'd expect from snitches spying on other citizens in a totalitarian state.

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