Mike Malloy: MLK Would Be 85 But J. Edgar Hoover and Govt. Murdered Him

Would any Martin Luther King Day be complete without a liberal radio talker waxing conspiratorial about King's death while not citing a shred of evidence?

What a surprise it wasn't that this was heard yesterday from Mike Malloy, a leftist so beyond the pale he was once fired by the ardent redistributors at now-defunct Air America Radio. (Audio clips after the jump)

While opining about Rev. King and his legacy, Malloy felt compelled to make this gratuitous and unsubstantiated claim (audio) --

So, just some more random thoughts on this commemoration of Dr. King's birthday. He would have been 85 today had J. Edgar Hoover and the U.S. government not decided to murder him.

Curiously, Malloy neglected to mention whether the alleged government plot to kill King extended to Robert F. Kennedy, who ordered wiretaps on King while Kennedy was attorney general in the early '60s. Or perhaps Kennedy's possible involvement in the conspiracy envisioned by Malloy took place while Kennedy was working in a different capacity within the federal government, that of U.S. Senator for New York from 1965 until his death two months after King's.

Also conveniently absent from Malloy's speculation was whether liberal icon and Great Society master architect Lyndon Johnson played any role in King's death. LBJ did, after all, lead the executive branch of the federal government at the time of King's murder in April 1968.

Hoover has long been a favorite target of the left given his unforgiveable loathing of communism and rumored sexual deviance that would have long ago been serenaded in Hollywood had he been an outspoken "progressive."

At another point in his show, Malloy talked about the major chemical spill in West Virginia involving Freedom Industries, which has filed for Chapter 11 bankrupcty. Malloy recounted his own unpleasant experience with bankruptcy proceedings after Air America went bellyup in 2010 (audio) --

MALLOY: I was on the end of a Chapter 11, weren't we, when Air America went out of business. Remember that, Kathy? (Malloy's wife and producer). I had a claim of $140,000 against them and I got, what, $5,000? (chuckles)

KATHY: Yeah, yeah, I really try not to think about that.

MALLOY: I know, I know.

KATHY: It's, it's the crazy making.

MALLOY: Yeah, it was an awful lot of work went into, oh well, to hell with it.

Malloy might not have gotten burned so badly by Air America had he been aware of this timeless bit of wisdom from Grover Norquist -- there are no allies on the left, only competing parasites.

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