Is Anything More Laughable Than Ed Schultz Labeling Others as Stupid?

If there was anything resembling a sense of propriety in left-wing media, Ed Schultz's radio and MSNBC commentary would be accompanied by a laugh track.

Correction -- it is accompanied by individual laugh tracks in homes, offices and barrooms across the land, as that fraction of his listeners on the rational end of the spectrum howl in response to his inanities. (Audio clips after the jump)

Over the last several days Schultz has been on one of his trademark huff n' puff rants, railing against any and all who look upon the wreckage of Obamacare and dare suggest that something may have gone awry.

On his radio show last week, for example, Schultz lashed out against those who've complained about losing their health plans thanks to Obamacare for being "too freakin' stupid" to see this as a blessing in disguise (audio) --

And so what is happening now is that there are some people out there across America who are really upset  because they are losing their health care because it's not the policy they have in the 'individual market,' it ain't living up to standards, it ain't worth a damn. You're basically getting ripped off and you're too freakin' stupid to know it.

Hearing this from Schultz reminded me that he's been saying much the same thing for several years. In fact, if I had to cite the common denominator in Schultz bloviations, it would be this -- those who don't share his lofty opinions are really, really stupid. Here's a compilation clip of Schultz make the point repeatedly (audio) --

OK, I mean, you just can't even deal with these people, they're so stupid sometimes. ...

Have you noticed that conservatives are getting, like, more stupid? Have you noticed that? ...

God! These people are freakin' stupid! ...

What we're finding out is a lot of elected officials are stupid! ...

I don't mind telling people that they're stupid! ...

Just as a good liberal, as educated as you are, use every bit of compassion to say between your ears, this is a real dumb ass but I'm just not going to tell him. ...

Considering how much attention Schultz devotes to the idiocy of others, you'd think he'd try to minimize it coming from him. Just the opposite -- the man basks in its feeble glow. A sampling from 2013 (audio) --

You like your insurance? You're not going to have to switch doctors. The lies are abound. ...

(Schultz saying this on his radio show Sept. 25 -- then making same gaffe the following night on "The Ed Show") Joining us tonight, John Nichols, Washington correspondent of The Nation magazine, the lies and the deceptions certainly are abound right now in the media. ...

(Schultz talking here with Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, D-N.Y., after George Zimmerman's acquittal in July) SCHULTZ: So you've got a real focus here on intent, intent which may have been innate based upon his previous behavior and interactions. Do I have that right? JEFFRIES: That's absolutely correct. (In other words, Zimmerman was genetically programmed to kill Trayvon Martin. Bad enough that Schultz can't grasp premeditation. Far worse when a lawmaker can't either).

(More from Schultz in response to Zimmerman acquittal) And here come the boycotts and I want to play this right off the top. Sunday night, Quebec City, Canada, icon entertainer Stevie Wonder ... (you mean iconic, right, Ed ...?)

(After a White House press conference in January) In fact the last question I thought was very interesting. The president was asked about how isolative he's been, doesn't really socialize with a lot of people. ... (Why say "isolated" when he can sound so much smarter with "isolative"?)

Uh, 219 is the breaking point for the majority (in the House), if I have that right. I think my math is right. Of course, I flunked that too. Of course, that was years ago, I think I've gotten better since then. (Operative words here -- "flunked that too").

The last sound bite on the compilation clip came across to me as one of the most damning things Schultz has said over the airwaves. On his radio show Nov. 1, he condemned conservatives for slamming Obamacare and here is how he described their criticism --

This is, uh, hate at its best. That's what this is. This is hate, uh, the pinnacle of hate. That's what Obama, uh, has offered up the conservatives. That's what they want to do.

"Hate at its best" -- as opposed to how a normal person would describe the actual thing in all its toxicity -- "hate at its worst." Not only that, Schultz doubles down on his bizarre, revealing remark by describing this as "the pinnacle of hate" -- instead of its absolute depth.

These are not the words of a man who actually hates hate. They are the observations of a connoisseur.

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