Oh So Sensitive Liberals Smear Marcus Bachmann with Gay-Baiting Slurs

October 3rd, 2013 6:25 PM

Bill Press shouldn't hold his breath waiting to be named marshal in any upcoming gay pride parades.

The ex-"Crossfire" host and his radio show producer took time from their daily adoration of cradle-to-grave government dependency to malign the husband of GOP congresswoman Michele Bachmann in a manner that would lead to harassment, torched effigies and threats of violence if any conservative did likewise. (Audio after the jump)

Here's a clip of Press and producer Peter Ogburn this morning deriding Marcus Bachmann, who has long been the target of liberals alleging he's a closeted gay. Initially you'll hear Rep. Bachmann describing how she and other GOP House members helped elderly veterans at the World War II Memorial after the Obama administration tried to stop public access during the government shutdown (h/t for audio, Brian Maloney, mrctv.org) --

BACHMANN: We came with a scissors and cut the scissors on this yellow tape and got these veterans in. They deserve that and they shouldn't be caught up in the middle of this tomfoolery that's going on.

PRESS: This tomfoolery ...

OGBURN: Whoa, whoa! That's salty language, be careful! This is a family program.

PRESS: Did she learn that tomfoolery from her gay husband? God!

OGBURN (after laughing maniacally): I'm sure there's some tomfoolery in that family.

PRESS: There is a lot of tomfoolery when she's out of town.

OGBURN: And a lot of guys named Tom.

PRESS: Yeah, fooling around with Tom, that's what her husband's up to. What's his name, Guy ...?

OGBURN (lisps): Marcus.

PRESS (realizes it's time to change subject): Anyhow ...

OGBURN (still lisping): Hey sweetie.

Finally I understand why the openly gay Rachel Maddow is never one of Press's guests. Not to worry, it won't be long before Alec Baldwin drops in to schmooze.