Hillary Tweets to Diana Nyad - You Remind Me of Me!

Hardly a week passes without Hillary Clinton providing yet more evidence that she intends to run for president.

Clinton yesterday tweeted what was presumably intended as congratulations to Diana Nyad for her extraordinary feat of swimming 110 miles from Cuba to Key West, the first person to do so without the safety net of a shark cage.

Here is what Clinton tweeted after Nyad reached Florida --

Flying to 112 countries is a lot until you consider swimming between 2. Feels like I swim with sharks - but you actually did it! Congrats!

Best example of a humble brag in recent memory. Clinton equates what she touts as her major accomplishment while secretary of state -- racking up frequent-flier miles! -- with one of the most remarkable athletic achievements in history.

Then again, that was Clinton's point -- to subtly remind us of her allegedly arduous duty with the State Department even though there's painfully little to boast about aside from high mileage. Seriously, where in the world are our diplomatic relations better than before her stint at Foggy Bottom?

The close alignment in miles swum by Nyad and number of countries visited by Clinton surely had something to do with Clinton's pseudo-congratulatory tweet.

Clinton is also trying to make people see a parallel between Nyad -- age 64 -- and her -- age 65 -- as she dips both feet in the water before commencing that shark-infested journey known as a presidential campaign.

Another parallel comes to mind -- Nyad began her swim from the socialist utopia of Cuba, Clinton left the socialist utopians in the White House in her quest to eventually return there.

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