GOP Governors 'Salivating' Over Rapes in Cairo: Daily Kos Screed

Hard to believe, but there's actually a left-wing media outlet that makes MSNBC appear sane by comparison.

If you've never visited Daily Kos, I wish I could say you're in for a treat. Alas, that's unlikely to be true. Instead, you'll probably want to shower after dropping by, lest any of its peculiar odor linger.

I'll save you a trip by pointing out one of the site's more fetid recent offerings, spewed as usual by writers who use pseudonyms.

Here is a sampling from "agnostic" in a Kos group that calls itself "Church of Ineffable Stupidity," in a post titled "Shame on MSNBC. CNN, too" --

There are thousands in the street in Cairo, as well as other major cities. Muslim Brotherhood goons have been attacked in the streets, their headquarters was attacked by civilians who had too much of the Brotherhood's ridiculous ideas.

In response, 81 women have been raped in Cairo's major square, apparently by Brotherhood goons who wish to reeducate Egyptian women as to their expected roles. One can imagine John Kasich and Rick Perry salivating over their example.

True in the narrowest of ways -- "one" can very well imagine this, that one being the bottom-feeding Daily Kossack who wrote it.

Unfortunately for this unhinged diarist, he or she has more in common with the rapists in Cairo than do Kasich and Perry, at least when it comes to abortion. After all, when one thinks of rapists, it's not their pro-life bona fides that come to mind -- ever. Suffice to it to say they are huge fans of "choice," the pro-abortion liberal's euphemism for a procedure that's downright helpful to rapists by eradicating evidence of their crime.

More from "agnostic," this time descending into absurdity --

So, with these incredibly important events happening now, what do MSNBC and CNN cover?

Some idiotic murder trial in Florida. A media circus created by the media, stoked and fed by the media, and blown out of proportion by the media.

To be fair, CNN did offer a couple of minute (sic) of coverage of Egypt before returning to the trial.

When will these untied states (yes -- "untied states" -- presumably the Kos blogger meant to write "United States") ever have a real news station, especially when globally important news is happening right now. (Pravda springs to mind as a model to emulate, along with Al Jazeera).

What a sorry statement about america's (yes, lower case "america") and their producers/owners/editors this is.

What a hoot -- a denizen of left-wing media, which has strained mightily to accord the Trayvon Martin murder case with Trial Of The Century status, now dismisses the trial as "idiotic" ... after it's become apparent that George Zimmerman could be acquitted.

I'm reminded of the joke about the lumberjack applying for a job. The man doing the hiring asks him where he's worked in the past. The lumberjack says he spent several years in the Sahara Forest. That's not a forest, the foreman says, it's a desert. Now, the lumberjack responds.

By the way, if you google "Daily Kos" and "Trayvon Martin," you'll get 195,000 hits. Idiocy abounds!

Beyond the pale is common in left-wing media. Beyond that you'll find Daily Kos.

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