Media Research Center Scarier Than NSA, Claims Delusional Ed Schultz

June 17th, 2013 8:25 PM

Whatever it takes to divert attention from Dear Leader as he struggles through yet another scandal.

Once again Ed Schultz resorts to misdirection, trying to deflect attention from the burgeoning controversy over domestic surveillance by the National Security Agency and its damaging fallout for the Obama administration. (Audio clips after the jump)

On his radio show Friday, Schultz told listeners who they should be really concerned about (audio) --

In the arena of national security and information, if a private contractor or a high school dropout has access to material, how do we know what the hell he's going to do with it? I believe that there are some machines in places in this country in the media world, take for instance Media Research with this bozo Brent Bozell and these hackers he's got over there writing crap about me or anybody else that they don't like. Would they like to have that information to smear people? Of course they would. That's the danger in all of this. That's the fear. So how do we balance this? God forbid if that information were to get out on somebody, somewhere for political gain to destroy people's lives. This is where it all gets dicey and unfair.

As a friend of mine put it after hearing this, we can trust Obama as Big Brother but not conservatives. And speaking as one of the "hackers" at NewsBusters, I haven't the vaguest idea nor interest in hacking into another computer or network, though Schultz is clearly insinuating that MRC criticism of liberal basis in publicly accessible media is akin to this.

Schultz's delusions didn't stop there but continued with something else he said Friday while talking with a caller (audio) --

CALLER: Listen, the federal government controls, funds, builds, regulates and enforces FCC communications. If you think that anybody's going to be in charge of that and not have data, it's just naive, with or without a court record. And for me, I think that what we all need to stay focused on is the point at hand, which is American wages dropping for 40 years. This is all distractionism (sic). And I know nobody knows that more than you.

SCHULTZ: Well, I'm surprised that we haven't had more callers and I'm not diverting from what you're saying here because I appreciate what you're saying, Chris, hang on with me. You're in Massachusetts, you're in Boston, Mass., and that's why I'm bringing this up. Look at all of the associates of these two nutjobs that did the bombing on the day of the marathon, the net, the web that was cast to bring in others. How the heck did they do that? I would assume that they used NSA material.

CALLER: Of course. They're going to use phone records and the whole nine yards.

Vintage Schultz -- he gives the agency credit where it isn't warranted, future revelations not withstanding, while he glosses over that NSA domestic surveillance somehow missed the Tsarnaev brothers, despite the Russians warning the FBI repeatedly about Tamerlan Tsarnaev, despite the Saudis alerting the State Department about the older Tsarnaev only months before Boston bombings and rejecting his request for visa to visit Mecca (not that Tsarnaev wanting to go there had anything to do with religion), despite the creepy, menacing videos he so enthusiastically posted on his YouTube channel.

Then again, when the people in charge conclude that tea partiers are just as likely as jihadists to wage jihad, obvious red flags might get lost in the fog.

Not surprisingly, Schultz finds it reassuring that electronic data of all Americans is being surveilled to avoid the appearance of undue scrutiny toward militant Muslims.