Ed Schultz, Shilling for Gold, Compares US to Titanic 'Going Down'

June 4th, 2013 11:00 AM

America is doomed, as far as Ed Schultz is concerned, and he's doing his darndest to cash in on its demise. This from a man who rarely misses a chance to bray about his patriotism and the alleged lack of it among conservatives.

During nearly every broadcast of his weekday radio show, Schultz can be heard narrating an ad for ITM Trading, a Phoenix-based company that buys and sells gold. (Audio after the jump)

Here's what Schultz says in the ad (audio) --

Ed Schultz for ITM Trading here. In the United States Congress, Republicans and conservatives want all the chairs to be red on the right. Democrats and liberals want all the chairs to be blue on the left. Some call for bipartisan purple chairs in the center just for show. The trouble is, all of the chairs are on the deck of the Titanic and it's going down. Sixteen trillion dollars of national debt is a hole that may never be fixed, yet Congress continues to squabble over the arrangement of the chairs on a sinking ship. Our country takes on $1.7 billion of new debt every day. Can it ever be repayed? Never?

That's why I own gold and you should too. So call my friends at ITM Trading today for your free gold information kit. That's 1-888-***-***. That's 1-888-***-****. When the ship goes down, you can be in a blue chair, a red chair, or in a lifeboat. Call now for your free gold information kit from ITM Trading and set your own course. Call 1-888-***-****. That's 1-888-***-****.

"All of the chairs are on the deck of the Titanic and it's going down" -- quoting bin Laden, Ed? Not "if" the ship goes down, Schultz tells us -- "when."

How about that, one of the biggest apologists for ever-higher government spending actually bemoaning our $16 trillion in national debt.

Just as amusing is Schultz's delusional belief that a cache of gold will save anyone if the ship of state plunges to its demise, with societal collapse following closely behind. With the Titanic as metaphor in mind, it is worth remembering that John Jacob Astor, the wealthiest man on board, did not survive the sinking.

At risk of stating the obvious, would not a rational master of this vessel steer clear of the massive icefield of debt just over the horizon?

In case the scenario described by Schultz ever came to pass, he just might seek refuge in that remote Canadian fishing lodge he bought a while back, far from the mayhem in post-civilization America. The money he makes shilling for ITM Trading could help pay for his supplies.

Four years ago, Glenn Beck was criticized by Think Progress and others on the left for touting gold and not revealing that a gold seller was one of his sponsors. Don't hold your breath waiting for anyone on the left to slam Schultz for touting gold to profit from the apocalypse.