Forget Gun Control, Ed Schultz Declares, Democrats Should Focus on Jobs

Never let it be said that Ed Schultz isn't bravely willing to thrust his finger high in the air to see which way the wind is blowing.

Schultz did this on his radio show yesterday, citing a new Gallup poll as justification for Democrats to end their obsession for more gun laws in the six months since the Sandy Hook massacre and focus instead on the economy. (Audio clip after page break)

When it comes to principled beliefs, Schultz can be remarkably pliant.

A transcript of his remarks, with unavoidably snarky commentary in italics (audio) --

Now, if you follow the news and I hope you do if you listen to this radio show, you catch the cables every now and then or you watch the nightly news or you listen to the radio, has there been a number thrown out more than 90 percent? In fact, I don't know if it's in your mind but it is mine, every time I hear 90 percent now I think of background checks, 90 percent. Now how did I get that way? Because everybody was saying it. I want the Democrats and I want the president to quote this Gallup poll wherever he is, wherever there's a cam- (camera?), I want this 86 percent of Americans want the Congress to focus on job creation. I want that out there more than the 90 percent line about background checks. (Got that? It's a "line"). I mean, I think background checks are important, but I think this is more important. And then follow it up with, the middle class needs help and the Republicans refuse to help.

Very simple, three things the Democrats have to remember. Eighty-six percent of the American people want us to focus on job creation. The middle class needs help. The Republicans refuse to help. Now how hard is that?! Is that library brain surgery? (yes -- "library brain surgery" -- classic Schultz construction, decipherable only to him). No, that's just where the American people are. That's where they are! (At least until the next poll!). We do know that elected officials are capable of saying 90 percent. (While many aren't bright enough to avoid being Schultz's guests). Now we gotta make sure they're capable of saying 86 percent on job creation. (Because we are constitutionally mandated to govern by polls). And you have to pound the table on this (A surefire way of persuading the person on the other side), because this is the only thing that is going to save the Democrats in the midterm. You need to sell the American people that you are willing to do something and make it a focal point, that you really care!

Liberalism in a nutshell -- selling the appearance not just that you care, but that you really care. Even if you used to gnash your teeth about protecting schoolchildren from crazed gunmen, but now really care more about electing Democrats.

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