Rancid Leftist Mike Malloy Wants GOP Dead - 'Literally'

Just when you thought the pathology from Mike Malloy couldn't get more alarming, the man outdoes himself again.

A left-winger so beyond the pale he was once fired by the ardent redistributionists at Air America Radio, Malloy has carved out a niche for himself as the radio host most likely to self-immolate from his own bile. (audio clip after page break)

You can't listen to Malloy for more than consecutive minutes without hearing how he really hates Republicans. I mean, really hates them.  Remember in "Annie Hall" when the title character asked Alvy Singer if he loved her. "Love is too weak a word for what I feel," he answered. "I luuurve you, you know, I loave you, I luff you, two FFs." Malloy is way over on the opposite end of the spectrum when it comes to his loathing for Republicans.

This unresolved revulsion expresses itself in bizarre ruminations such as this one on Monday (audio) --

But I listened to all the conversation during the day and it's just, I'm sorry, it's fun to listen to. Because, see, the Republicans don't care. They want the country to go just smash flat on its face. Now, what they're thinking is, that way people in the United States will come to hate the African-American, Kenyan, socialist in the White House so much that they'll never vote Democrat again! But this thing is going to blow up in their faces and I'm just, I'm kind of rubbing my hands in gleeful anticipation to see it happen. Now, will I and my little family get hit by this? (alluding to sequester). I'm sure we will on some level, I know we will.

But I have an interest in seeing the entire Republican Party die. I mean, on their backs, their little squiggly legs up in their air. I want to see the Republican Party dead. Just, just completely, replace it with something. I know, replace it with the tea baggers and let them have their little minority fun, you know, give 'em 10 seats in the House and one seat in the Senate and give that to Ted Cruz. I just want to see the Republican Party dead. I mean, dead. I mean literally, dead!

Surprisingly, Malloy's previous experience doesn't include a stint at Radio Rwanda in the mid-'90s.

I'll respond in the vernacular Malloy is most comfortable with -- that kinda hate is bad karma, man.

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