McCain Deserved Torture as 'Penance' for War Crimes, Spews Mike Malloy

Yet another example of why I've long referred to Mike Malloy as the Voice of the Guard in the Gulag.

Bad enough that this most creepy and vampiric of men can barely let consecutive sentences pass without reference to carnage and bloodshed. On his radio show Tuesday, Malloy slandered Sen. John McCain as a war criminal who murdered civilians during the Vietnam War and was justifiably tortured for doing so. (audio clip after page break)

Here's a clip of Malloy spewing this venom while feigning compassionate for McCain's suffering in captivity (h/t for audio, Brian Maloney at --

For someone who was responsible for, again, nobody knows, but a certain amount of death of innocent people as John McCain was, the time spent in a North Vietnamese prison where he claims to have been tortured was probably time spent that a Catholic priest, for example, would find completely understandable. It's called doing penance, John. You don't bomb and kill people for no reason, even when corporate America or your daddy, who was the supreme commander of Southeast Asian forces, South Pacific forces, orders you to do it. You can't just take orders, we decided that at Nuremberg. So, if you suffered, I am sorry for your suffering, I truly am, in and of itself, but John-John-John, did you think about the suffering of the people you bombed and strafed? They were civilians, you know.

Classic example of why leftists like Malloy can't be allowed anywhere near actual power. The man can't wait to wear the robes of a hanging judge.

Notice how Malloy prefaces his condemnation of McCain by pointing out that "nobody knows" how many innocent people died as a result of his bombing missions -- many, few, none, who knows? No matter -- speculation easily substitutes for evidence to latent totalitarians.

For much of the last decade we've heard from left wingers how torture is never justified under any circumstances. Leave it to Malloy to clarify matters. Torture was "completely understandable" against Americans who fought in Vietnam because, heck, who knows how many civilians they killed. It remains a crime, however, to disturb a captive jihadist's slumber or interrupt his prayers.

Even if what Malloy claims is true, he is oblivious to its implications. For if McCain as a pilot was complicit in war crimes against the Vietnamese, his commander-in-chief, Lyndon B. Johnson, stands guilty of far greater complicity for massively expanding the war effort.

Instead, it's Richard Nixon who's vilified by the left for his role in the war, even though he inherited the conflict from Johnson and JFK. Johnson gets off easy by comparison, especially since President Obama took office, because LBJ was the last liberal to serve as president before Obama. Surely the architect of the so-called Great Society, one that Obama strives to emulate and broaden, was incapable of war crimes.

Malloy's remarks are hardly distinguishable from those uttered by Jane Fonda during her jaunt through North Vietnam in 1972. Come to think of it, they sound much like those expressed a year earlier before a congressional committee by the man just confirmed as secretary of state. 

Leftists like Malloy savor invoking Vietnam whenever they can because, as Ann Coulter has pointed out, it's the only war America has lost. How odd indeed that they so rarely mention the crimes against humanity in southeast Asia that came after the US departure.

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