Geraldo Recounts Gore's Snotty Disdain After He Went to Fox News

Oh to have been a fly on the wall for this one.

In the wake of Al Gore's Current TV being sold to Al Jazeera, the Islamist world's equivalent of MSNBC, Geraldo Rivera was reminded of Gore's holier-than-thou attitude the last time they met. (audio clip after page break)

Rivera described their encounter to Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol on Rivera's radio show (h/t for audio, Brian Maloney at --

RIVERA: Let me tell you, I gotta tell you a quick story about the last time I was with Al Gore. It was in the Fox News, the world headquarters, he was with Al Franken. Franken had announced he was going to run for Senate, he hadn't been elected yet, they were in the building, they were screening a movie. They may have been screening, actually, Al Gore's climate change movie.

Now, I knew Al Gore, I had interviewed him several times, I was, you know, President Clinton's principal defender during impeachment, so I got to know Al Gore. So I meet him in the Fox News lobby, he looks me up and down, and this is to your point, Bill Kristol, on him being sanctimonious, he looks me up and down and he says, 'Well, look where you ended up,' 'cause I had gone from NBC News to Fox News. And then he said, and I remember it so clearly, 'I guess you'll never bite the hand that feeds you,' meaning that I had sold out to conservatives for money.

KRISTOL: Is that right? That's really shocking and ...

RIVERA: And he really tsk-tsked me in front of Al Franken in a way that left no doubt that he was feeling very morally superior. You know, the fact is, I didn't change, he changed. He took the short money from big oil.

Let's hope that a sequel, if there's to be one, is televised.

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