Raddatz is So Dreamy, She Oughta Be President ... Maddow Reveals New Crush

Smoking-gun evidence that ABC's Martha Raddatz was a biased moderator in the vice presidential debate -- Rachel Maddow is gushing about her.

On her MSNBC show Friday night, Maddow went so far as to suggest that Raddatz was worthy of the presidency (video after page break) --

MADDOW: Maybe Mitt Romney was testy at the presidential debate and maybe Joe Biden did laugh in Paul Ryan's face all night at the vice presidential debate. But that is in part because these guys, Mitt Romney and Joe Biden, were pumped! And they were pumped because they were obviously winning their debates. And complaining about that does not change that.

Nice to see Maddow come around on the first presidential debate, seeing how it wasn't so obvious to her after it finished that a "pumped" Romney dominated the exchange. Back to Maddow getting weak-kneed for Raddatz --

But the other person who was pumped last night and whose performance was both winning and therefore grating to the side that came out the worst for it last night was the moderator, ABC's Martha Raddatz. She did not favor one candidate over the other. She interrupted both candidates at roughly the same rate. She gave both candidates almost exactly equal time. But Martha Raddatz, who I officially would now support for president herself, Martha Raddatz kept it moving and stopped these guys from diving down talking points rabbit holes.

"... diving down talking points radicals" -- whatever the hell that means.

Maddow claims Raddatz interrupted Biden and Ryan at "roughly the same rate" -- which would be true had the debate run another hour and Raddatz interrupted Biden nine times and Ryan once in that time.

In the actual debate, Maddow somehow missed -- as she did when Romney was pummeling Obama -- that Raddatz interrupted Ryan nine times and Biden only once, on a picayune matter at that, as described by William Bigelow over at Breitbart.

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