Disgraced Ex-Pol Eliot Spitzer Blames Bush for Mideast Meltdown

September 19th, 2012 5:35 PM

Cardinal rule on the left -- when in doubt, blame Dubya.

This also comes in handy for diverting attention from Dear Leader. (audio clip after page break)

The most recent in an endless stream of examples that may stretch into perpetuity -- former New governor Eliot Spitzer (yeah, the hooker guy) during an appearance on the radio show "Both Sides Now" with Arianna Huffington and Mary Matalin --

George Bush's neo-con worldview caused more harm to this nation and more harm in the Middle East than one can imagine and unfortunately, Mitt Romney, weathervane, Etch a Sketch, feckless individual that he is, continues to surround himself with the same people who made every conceivable error when it came to foreign policy.

President Obama has been a remarkably staunch ally of Israel and only those who do not really understand this matter continue to distort, and I mean distort that record, taking things out of context in a way that in a courtroom would be ruled inadmissible.

The president and the Defense Department, primarily under the leadership of Secretary Gates for many years, handled the Arab Spring in a way that has led to democracy in Libya, a government there that is pro-US. There are dangerous elements in the Middle East whom we have primarily decapitated with smart use of our anti-terrorist forces, much against what George Bush taking us into unnecessary wars in Iraq did.

Spitzer describing Romney as "feckless" -- pretty rich, don't you think? Right up there with trumpeting Obama as a "remarkably staunch ally of Israel." Which is why, if Israel attacks Iran to end the threat to its existence from the Islamic state's pursuit of nuclear weapons, Obama will learn of it from CNN and not the Israeli government.

Spitzer has apparently forgotten that it was Gaddafi's decision to renounce weapons of mass destruction in late 2003, only months after the US-led invasion of Iraq and clearly in response to it, that left him vulnerable to overthrow seven years later. Had it been up to Spitzer, Saddam Hussein -- or one of his equally homicidal, megalomaniac sons -- would still be in power, and in all likelihood, Gaddafi too.

(h/t, Brian Maloney at Radio Equalizer)