Ed Schultz Deems Himself Fortunate to Remain Employed in 'Obama Economy'

August 29th, 2012 4:10 PM

I love it when Ed Schultz lapses into candor.

Here he is introducing former Obama press flack and campaign advisor Robert Gibbs on his radio show yesterday in a way that seemed to catch Gibbs off guard, but understandably so when you hear what Schultz said (audio) --

SCHULTZ: Robert, good to have you back with us.

GIBBS: Ed, sir, how are you?

SCHULTZ: Well, I'm still working for a living in the Obama economy. That's a good thing.

GIBBS: That is, that's a darn good thing. And how, everything is good with you and the family?

SCHULTZ: Yup, yup, everything's banging away, you know. Just gotta do what we gotta do.

GIBBS: We're thinking about you. (Alluding to Schultz's wife undergoing surgery last month for ovarian cancer; Schultz has said the surgery was a success).

SCHULTZ: I appreciate that very much.

Schultz bolstered his premise a short while later during a conversation with a caller over Republicans displaying a national debt clock at their convention. The caller suggested some sort of job chart by Democrats at their convention. Here's what Schultz said in response (audio) --

I like the idea of a debt chart, but I think a job chart would be good because the job numbers are undeniable. And there are numerous sources that cross-reference the job numbers in this country and it's been all positive for President Obama for what, 27, 28 months? It's a pretty good run. I don't care if they add one job in September and one job in October, as long as it's a positive number, it'll be an easy sell for the Democrats and President Obama. Because I think people understand a record number of filibusters.

Of course Schultz won't care if the underwhelming "Obama economy" creates all of two jobs over the next two months -- heck, he's still working!

Possible Obama campaign slogan: Finding Work For You -- And No One Else. (h/t, Ed Schultz)