Lib Comedian Lizz Winstead Maligns Motherhood as 'Indentured Servitude'

Ever wonder why more women are reluctant to describe themselves as feminists?

Purported comedian and Stepford liberal Lizz Winstead demonstrated why on yesterday's Ed Schultz radio show. (audio clip after page break)

After mispronouncing her name, Schultz asked Winstead to describe her upcoming book, "Lizz Free or Die: Essays" (audio) --

SCHULTZ: Tell me about the book. What's happening?

WINSTEAD: Oh my God. Well, the book comes out May 10th and, you know, it's a fun little romp that gives people a little bit of an indication as to sort of where I got to this place in my life. Because, you know, even as a young girl, Ed, it's so interesting that we're in this time now, because even as a young girl I'm somebody who was like, I never liked dolls, you know? One time my mom gave me a stove, a toy stove, for Christmas and I was like, are you kidding?! Even at 8, I was like, cooking is not a game. You know, this is not a game. I want to be outside. I want to do anything but cook and have a baby that pees and that you call that a game. That is not a game, that is a baby that pees. That is not fun for me. That's indentured servitude.

Yet another example of how "choice" to leftists is about limiting a woman's choices, not expanding them.

What a shock that Winstead is an ardent supporter of Planned Parenthood. Don't be surprised if she branches off with an organization titled, Parenthood -- What the Hell For?!

Fortunately for humanity, her views aren't the norm. If they were, chances are you wouldn't be reading this.

Perhaps Winstead will elaborate in that "fun little romp" of a book coming out in May. Is it just women who become indentured servants if they focus primarily on raising their children, or does this also extend to stay-at-home dads? Is the welfare state sustainable without the people denigrated by liberals as "breeders" providing it with plenty of future taxpayers?

I'm reminded of an editorial cartoon from the late '70s during the battle over the proposed Equal Rights Amendment. It showed a woman pushing a boulder labeled "ERA" up a steep hill. In the background, men could be seen walking away. "Where do you pigs think you're going?", the woman fumes.

Winstead turns to women who embrace parenting and asks -- Why are you slaves going that way?

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