Ed Schultz Reveals Obama's Chummy Nickname for Him

... And no, it isn't "Flamethrower," though that was my first guess.

Radio talker and MSNBC cable host Ed Schultz told his radio listeners Tuesday that President Obama has a nickname for him, or at least one that Obama is willing to disclose to Schultz.

Here's Schultz leading into the revelation while talking with his producer James Holm about the Federal Communications Commission officially ending the so-called Fairness Doctrine, which hasn't been enforced since the Reagan administration (audio) --

SCHULTZ: So, here we are, this fear bullet point has been taken off. It's official! Federal Communications Commission chairman -- oh, this just isn't some sitting dude down at the end of the bench, this is the chairman! -- under the Obama administration! -- announcing the elimination of what?! Eighty-three outdated and obsolete agency rules on Monday, including the controversial Fairness Doctrine. Well, how in the world could Obama do this to us, Holmy?

HOLM: I don't know. (giggles)

SCHULTZ: How could, I mean, I've had lunch with President Obama. I mean, he calls me Schultzy.

Schultz likes the nickname so much (incidentally, wasn't it also what Col. Hogan called Sgt. "I Know Nothing!" Schultz on "Hogan's Heroes" ...?) that he began using it in promos yesterday, as can be heard here.

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