Ed Schultz Condemns Beck for Warning of Social Unrest - Followed by Schultz Warning of Same

From maligning Glenn Beck to parroting him in two weeks -- that's Ed Schultz for you.

The MSNBC action hero was in high dudgeon Aug. 10 on his radio show, saying this about Beck's claim that rioting in Great Britain foreshadows what will happen in America (audio) --

I see the Beckster is out there saying that they're burning London to the ground and it's coming here. Really? You been out there with the folks, Glenn, to know exactly what's going to happen? Such an irresponsible broadcaster. Now you know why Fox fired him, to say lunatic stuff like that. Almost on the verge of promotion of violence.

All that aptly-titled "Psycho Talk" from Schultz has apparently affected his memory. Here's what Schultz warned yesterday of possible consequences if the government doesn't offer tax breaks to corporations to return jobs they've outsourced (audio) --

It's either that or keep going down the road of the new normal which we're traveling right now which, who knows where it's going to end up? It could end up in social unrest in this country. It really could.

How utterly irresponsible of you to suggest that, Ed.

Ed Schultz

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