Lunacy of Ed Schultz Rubs Off On His Radio Producer

In fairness to the man, prolonged exposure to unhinged daily rants will take its toll on the best of us.

Here is an example of the damage this has wrought on James "Holmy" Holm, longtime producer for bellowing liberal radio host and MSNBC action hero Ed Schultz.

Schultz and Holm were venting their disgust with President Obama over a Washington Post story on Obama's willingness to cut funding for Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid to reach a deal with congressional Republicans on the debt ceiling.

In arguably the single most bizarre criticism of Obama I've heard from the fringe left, Holm said this on Schultz's radio show yesterday (audio) --

I'm probably the guy on your staff that's given Obama more of the benefit of the doubt on all of these issues. But when he comes out and says that he wants to cut Social Security -- Social Security! -- it's, to me it's the most selfish thing he has ever done. Because what he's trying to do is he's trying to build his legacy -- I'm like Ronald Reagan, I can reach across the aisle and shake hands with Tip O'Neill and save Social Security for generations. To me that is one of the most selfish political ideas that I've seen come out of this president and I've never been more disappointed in him.

Reaching across the aisle ... and possibly saving Social Security, again, for generations ... have you no decency, sir?!

Holm, you may recall, made news here back in December when he suggested how Obama should deal with corporate CEOs sitting on their capital reserves -- "put a gun to their head" and demand the money.

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