Vintage Ed Schultz Whine: Why Isn't Weiner Paying 'Restitution' Like I Did After Ingraham Slur?

Oh the unfairness of it all, it's more than Ed Schultz can bear.

Bad enough that embattled Democratic congressman and former habitual tweeter Anthony Weiner hasn't resigned from Congress as Schultz demands. Even worse, at least from Schultz's parochial perspective, the Weiner scandal hasn't cost its namesake a dime while Schultz paid dearly for maligning Laura Ingraham as a "right-wing slut" and "talk slut."

Within one day of Schultz's smear of Ingraham on May 24, MSNBC announced he was taking an unpaid, week-long suspension for remarks the network deemed "unacceptable."

Schultz complained to his radio listeners Tuesday about what he sees as a double standard at work (audio clip after page break) --

Where's the restitution in all of this? This guy's got some work to do and they say, well, people tweeting and Facebooking me saying, Ed, how can you say that when you went through it? (referring to Schultz's call for Weiner to step down). Well, OK, let's talk about that! Anthony Weiner went around for a week lying to everybody, not just one person, but interview after interview after interview. This was his way, repeatedly, of trying to manage a controversial situation. And he lied again and again and again and again until he made the announcement that he wasn't going to talk about it anymore and sooner or later we have to stop asking these questions and move on. He tried to end it his way. He was trying to manage it.

I'm struggling with that. Because there was more and then when it came out and he couldn't manage it anymore he decided to take full responsibility and he wasn't willing to do that. If this had gone away would he have continued on with his activities? I don't know! Is that what we get for as taxpayers? And then yesterday he steps to the plate, it's not about whether he's sorry or not. Where's the restitution? If it will make you feel better out there, with my suspension it cost me thousands of dollars. And it cost me a lot of good will with people that I've got to earn back, so I can't use the crude terms anymore, I've got to change. What is Anthony Weiner doing? Stepping to the plate in front of a press conference, I'm sorry, by the way, I'm going back to Congress. Bull!

That your suspension cost you "thousands of dollars" doesn't make me feel better, Ed. But the possibility you'll change does.

(h/t, Radio Equalizer)

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