Liberal Radio Talker Threatens Breitbart, Calls for Conservatives 'To Be Crushed ... Like a Cockroach'

Yes, Virginia, there is someone in media more unhinged than Ed Schultz -- left-wing radio host Mike Malloy.

If you've heard of Malloy, most likely it's because of his bizarre, on-air fantasies of violence toward Dana Perino, Matt Drudge, Glenn Beck, and Rush Limbaugh, as described here with audio clips from Brian Maloney at The Radio Equalizer.

Malloy has decided to remind us again of his pathologies, this time issuing a veiled threat against new media impresario Andrew Breitbart (embedded audio clip, courtesy of Maloney, after page break) --

Remember Shirley Sherrod, the former Agriculture Department employee who was attacked in the media by another piece of white scum, Andrew Breitbart? She's decided to sue him. She's African-American, she initially lost her job. Everybody jumped all over her because of the piece of evidence, an edited videotape that the meaning of which had been  completely changed by this right-wing piece of human excrement, this Breitbart thug. ...

Remember, these right-wing scum, these are neo-Nazis. If I ever come across Andrew Breitbart, there will be, um, nastiness occur. Let me just put it that way, I hate these people. I mean, just viscerally, deep down in my gut, just thoroughly. So he attacks this woman. Isn't this the truth though? Isn't this what right-wing white male conservatives always do, they attack women? And when they launch attacks against men, it's usually in a cowardly stinking way, a remote, saying things about them and then running and hiding behind their corporate skirts of their, their masters and, I don't know. ...

This is what they do, this is what the right wing does in this country now. This is why they need to be stomped into the ground, they really do. The right wing needs to be crushed in the United States like a cockroach. It needs to be ground into the dirt. I'm telling you, they're destroying the country.

Like those cockroaches that needed to be crushed in Rwanda, Mike?

A radio host, incidentally, who often boasts of his large cache of firearms.

A man so beyond the pale, even to the fringe left, that he was fired by the now-defunct Air America Radio.

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