Aghast From Past: Ed Schultz Producer Suggested Obama 'Put a Gun' to Heads of CEOs

Go figure, yet another example of allegedly non-existent rhetoric from a liberal using violent and/or gun-related imagery. Not to worry though, apparently it's only conservatives who set off left wingers when this occurs and and not the other way around.

Back on Dec. 16, I wrote about  a conversation between liberal radio host Ed Schultz and his producer James "Holmy" Holm, who also helps Schultz with "The Ed Show" on  MSNBC. Schultz's radio listeners have grown quite familiar with Holm, who has come on the air to chat with Schultz several times a week over the last year.

Let's hear what Schultz and Holm said about President Obama planning to meet with 20 of the nation's top CEOs (audio) --

HOLM: The president is going to speak with business leaders that are sitting on $1.9 trillion dollars -- $1.9 trillion dollars. Maybe what we should do is put a gun to their head and just say, give us that $1.9 trillion dollars, you don't need to read anything, just hand it to us!

SCHULTZ: Yeah, they won't ...

HOLM: But, I mean, that's, that's how crazy this thing is!

Heck, worked for the Bolsheviks, right? For a good seventy years anyway.

Suffice it to say, Holm will publicly repent of his hate speech, refuse to allow himself any vitriolic thought in the future, and undergo extensive sensitivity training from numerous MSNBC staffers employed solely for this reason.

And needless to say, Holm permanently forfeits his rights under the Second Amendment. 




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