Ed Schultz Producer's Advice to Obama on Handling CEOs: 'Put a Gun to Their Head'

Agreed, certain people should not be allowed access to firearms. Here's an example of one of those people.

On his radio show yesterday, Ed Schultz was talking with his producer, James "Holmy" Holm, about Obama meeting with 20 of the nation's top CEOs that day. Also mentioned in the discussion was corporations holding back on $1.9 trillion in capital reserves.

Such is the context for this alarming remark by Holm (audio here) --

HOLM: The president is going to speak with business leaders that are sitting on $1.9 trillion dollars -- $1.9 trillion dollars. Maybe what we should do is put a gun to their head and just say, give us that $1.9 trillion dollars, you don't need to read anything, just hand it to us!

SCHULTZ: Yeah, they won't ...

HOLM: But, I mean, that's, that's how crazy this thing is!

Crazy indeed. Is Holm paraphrasing Mao, or was that Che Guevara?

Gee, how'd he end up working for someone as balanced and thoughtful as Schultz?

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