Ed Schultz Challenges Dem Congresswoman on Bogus Claim

December 4th, 2010 8:49 PM

My hat's off to you, Ed. You've restored my faith in the possibility of liberals occasionally seeing the light.

Here's an exchange between Schultz and Rep. Donna Edwards of Maryland on Schultz's radio show Thursday --

SCHULTZ: Congresswoman, this deficit reduction commission is nothing but a hit on the middle class. I mean, this Simpson report that came out yesterday, I mean, this just hammers, you know, the middle class for years to come.

EDWARDS: It goes right at the middle class and what I'm saying to you is, again, both the president and those of us here in this body are going to have to demonstrate to all of those people that we want to show up in 2012 that we're actually on their side. And you're not on their side if you want to raise the retirement age, you want to take away their mortgage interest deduction. I mean, after all, people have been barely able to stay in their houses and now you're going to tell them you're going to take away their mortgage interest deduction? That's right at the middle class.

SCHULTZ: But isn't that for people over $500,000 though? (referring to property value; the commission voted 11-7 the following day to send its recommendations to Congress, but fell short of the necessary 14 votes to do so )

EDWARDS: Well, you know, it is, but I mean, it is a sign of the slippery slope in my, in my view.


How helpful of Edwards to provide an example of slipperiness to demonstrate why it should be avoided.