The Hill's Brent Budowsky Compares GOP to South Africa's Apartheid Regime

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Racism, according to the liberal. Isn't it obvious?

Same reason that Republicans and conservatives oppose Obama, the liberal quickly adds.

Here's the latest example of this threadbare line of criticism, from Brent Budowsky, a columnist for The Hill's Pundits Blog and former congressional staffer.

Appearing on Ed Schultz's radio show Tuesday, Budowsky offered an over-the-top analogy (click here for audio) --

BUDOWSKY: These Republicans today, Ed, are more right wing and obstructionist than the segregationist, racist senators during the days of the civil rights. Even those racist senators that filibustered civil rights, they also supported jobs and Medicare and some other things. You know, we're up against a party on the Republicans that is so far off the right end, they're acting like South Africa during the days of apartheid.

... aside from not supporting segregation, forced resettlement of millions, state-sponsored violence toward dissenters, government theft of property, laws against mixed marriages --  in other words, aside from those monstrosities and many others that defined apartheid. Other than that, just like 'em. 

Among the "racist senators" who filibustered civil rights? Recently deceased Democrat Robert Byrd.

Later in the same show, Budowsky provided this gem to Schultz's listeners (audio here) --

BUDOWSKY: There is over a trillion and a half dollars sitting in corporate bank accounts being hoarded right now. Once we can liberate that money, and I say you raise taxes for the guys screwing us and you cut taxes for the guys helping us create jobs, but once that money is liberated, it's a trillion and a half-plus dollars sitting in corporate accounts right now, we're going to have a quarter, remember where you heard it, it may not be for a year or two, of 7 percent growth.

As if transferring more than a trillion dollars to the government won't liberate it of its potential to create more wealth. Wasn't this type of alleged liberation a core belief of the Bolsheviks? 

Budowsky's comments reminded me of a remark he made on Schultz's radio show in March during the contentious final weeks before the House voted on the health bill (audio here) --

BUDOWSKY: I mean, you look at the Republicans, they attacked Jack Kennedy in Dallas with hate ads when he went there in November 22nd, '63. They attacked Bill Clinton, they attacked Hillary Clinton, they attacked Al Gore, they attacked Nancy Pelosi, they attacked Charlie Rangel, they attacked ACORN. Those guys on the other side sure do know how to hate.
Agreed, Mr. Budowsky -- Republicans in Dallas greeted Kennedy with "hate ads."
Just before a left-winger killed him.
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