Ed Schultz Ponders Ft. Hood Massacre, Then Gets 'Even More Depressed' Thinking About Lieberman

This from the side of the aisle always prattling about sensitivity.

Radio show and MSNBC host Ed Schultz yesterday provided further evidence that deep down he's shallow, talking about the Army missing warning signs of Major Nidal Malik Hasan's radical Islamic views (click here for audio) --

SCHULTZ: When somebody's down at the mouth and when somebody is not with the program, why does the military keep him and expect him to do things? Because you don't do that in private business. Well, (voice turning sarcastic) this is the military, well, wait a second now! You know, if they're absolutely our finest and we support them to the max, it would seem to me that there was a chink in the armor somewhere. Right? That's how I feel about it! That the vetting process of the military personnel was, maybe I'm totally wrong on this one, totally off-base and everything else. But, I don't know.

It just seems to me that if this guy didn't want to go, put him in a place where he can still help out. (pause) I just had to get that off, I've been thinking of that all weekend long. I been thinking about, I been thinking about that all weekend long, about where this is all going and what's happening. And then when I think about Joe Lieberman, I get even more depressed.

Amazingly, Schultz says three things in all of a minute that defy comprehension, a heady feat even for a liberal.

First -- "It just seems to me that if this guy didn't want to go, put him in a place where he can still help out." Like where -- military intelligence? A missile silo? How about Obama's Secret Service detail? Wait, I've got it -- counseling other simmering Islamists in the ranks. Right up his alley.

Second, Schultz tells us -- repeatedly -- he's been "thinking" of this "all weekend long" (having gone hunting over a three-day weekend, Schultz said Monday, after talking about the massacre on his radio show Thursday).

Schultz spends an entire weekend wrestling with the horror of what occurred at Fort Hood -- and this is what he puts on the table afterward?

And third, having furrowed his brow over the worst terrorist attack on our soil since 9/11, Schultz concludes there is something else that makes him "even more depressed" -- the cursed apostate Joe Lieberman. Not many people can made a bloodbath pale by comparison, at least for Schultz, but Lieberman is one of them.

Two words come to mind, Ed -- "psycho talk." You're soaking in it.

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