Ed Schultz Parrots Inane Harkin Idea of 50 New 'Preventative Clinics' -- One for Each State

September 29th, 2009 10:34 PM

This is what passes for fairness from liberals.

On his radio show Friday, Ed Schultz demonstrated that he hasn't a clue as to how the principle actually works.

Take it away, Ed (click here for audio) --

SCHULTZ (talking to caller): What do we need? We need stories is what we need. We need people to stand up and tell their story in front of elected officials and demand some answers, as this lady has done. But what we also need, is we need to follow Tom Harkin on the Senate health bill and support that because it's got preventative clinics. We could set up, a one preventative clinic in every state in this country, 50 preventative clinics, that would do colonoscopies, that would do heart exams, that would do blood tests, all kinds of preventive stuff that could be done. That could be done!

Bad enough for Sen. Harkin to propose this, assuming what Schultz says is accurate (agreed, a risky assumption). Compounding the inanity is the specter of Schultz, a college gridiron star way back when, grabbing this fumble and bolting toward the wrong end zone.

Under the proposal, the state with the fewest people, Wyoming, would get one clinic -- as would California, with 70 times as many residents.

Lemme guess, that single clinic would be situated in the geographic center of each state -- you know, to make it even more fair. Possible exception -- when the geographic center is in a body of water -- but only if Democrats in both chambers agree on the exception. Placing clinics in locales difficult to access might reduce costs and hey, isn't that the idea?

How does Schultz not just parrot a proposal like this but seize upon it with characteristic bluster? Because he's imbued with the same lofty sense of omniscience as one of his callers on Sept. 24, when guest host Norman Goldman sat in for Schultz.

The caller, identified as "Jim from Colorado," described an argument he got into with a conservative about the caller's niece, who he said is stricken with "cerebal" palsy (click here for audio) --

GOLDMAN:  Let's go to Jim in Colorado. Jim, you're on the Ed Schultz show.

CALLER: OK, I was going to tell Ed about this, but I'll tell you.

GOLDMAN: You can tell me.

CALLER: All right.

GOLDMAN: I'm a friend of Ed. C'mon, it's all right.

CALLER: This past weekend there was a (sic) end of summer type of event in the suburban Denver area and there was a Republican booth and I went up there and I said, oh so, you guys are the party of pro-life but yet, you know, my niece has cerebal palsy and, you know, it's $700 for one of her braces to keep one of her limbs straight or she ends up becoming, you know, eventually she'll wind up on some kind of social services because nobody's going to want to hire her.

GOLDMAN: A public burden, you betcha.

CALLER: Right. How long has she had it? (the conservative asking this of the caller).  I'm like, I said, uh sir, she was born with it, you know. And they, you know, so we kept going with it and kept going with it (again stating what conservative said to him). Well, you don't know what you're talking about. I said, sir, I go, sir, I'm a liberal. I always know what I'm talking about.

Give the man credit -- all liberals believe this but few ever state it so bluntly. Bravo!