Ed Schultz Morphs Yet Again Into Matt Foley, Motivational Speaker

Fans of the late great comedian Chris Farley, take comfort -- liberal radio host and MSNBC talking head Ed Schultz often bears an uncanny resemblance to one of Farley's best-known characters on "Saturday Night Live," that of Matt Foley, motivational speaker.

Schultz has been on a Foleyesque tear of late, raging at Democrats as "spineless weenies" for not standing up to Republicans, despite holding the White House and sizable majorities in Congress.

Here's Schultz on his radio show June 17, spewing his warped theory that Dick Cheney wants thousands of Americans murdered in another terrorist attack to help Republicans regain political power (click here for audio) --

SCHULTZ: Believe me, that's where Cheney's going. I'm the only guy with any balls out there that's willing to call him on it! And God bless all of you people who backed me up with emails. If you sent me an email (makes kissing sound), I love ya!

On his radio show the following day, Schultz vents about Democrats' lack of resolve in pushing for health care reform (here for audio) --

SCHULTZ (initially in whiny, mocking voice): We don't have the votes. We just don't have the votes. It's the votes. We're trying to create jobs. We don't have the votes. No, you don't have any guts! You do not have any guts, Democrats! Spineless weenies!

Later on June 18, Schultz described how he would converse with Obama and White House chief of staff Rahm Emanual (audio) --

SCHULTZ: If I'm a presidential adviser, if I am in the Oval Office, the first thing I'd do is turn to Rahm Emanuel and say, shut up!  'Cause I'm talking now!

More from Schultz on his mock conversation with Obama and Emanuel (audio) --

SCHULTZ: Mr. President, you need to stand now with the American people, the American people want you to stand up and give the finger to the Republicans! There's only 40 of those bastards over there! And nail 'em! (pause, lowers voice) OK, Rahm, you can talk now (followed by bizarre mimicking sound)

Schultz on June 23, disparaging GOP calls for bipartisanship (audio) --

SCHULTZ:  I'm listening to Shelby, Richard Shelby (Republican senator from Alabama), this morning again just on with Carlos (MSNBC anchor Carlos Watson) a little while ago, talking about (imitates Shelby's accent), Well, you know, we got to have bipartisanship, you know, we got to work together, we haven't done it yet, there's always going to be disagreements and you know we got to get together and there's things that we're just not going to agree to and there's things that they're not going to agree to, but you know we got to get together and they said we'd get together and -- Shut up! You lost! You lost! We don't have to get together with you, Mr. Shelby! We don't, we don't have to have lunch with you. You know you don't matter. You're out of touch.

And on June 29, talking about how Democrats should respond to South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham's unequivocal rejection of the so-called "public option" in health care reform (audio) --

SCHULTZ: I would have liked to have seen someone come out from the White House and say, Lindsey Graham has his head up his ass. That's how you talk to him. Lindsey Graham has got it where it doesn't shine.

One important difference, however, between Schultz and Farley -- Schultz is humorless. Any laughter he prompts is unintentional.

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