Radio Host Ed Schultz's Theory for Conflict in Gaza: Fought to Get Obama's Attention

OK, so Barack Obama isn't really the political Messiah of critics' caricature, despite the fervor of his supplicants. But according to liberal radio talk show host Ed Schultz, Obama qualifies for the less lofty but still impressive description of Hub of the World.

Schultz offers an unlikely theory for the renewed fighting in Gaza, one more revealing of the person suggesting it than the subject at hand --

Right now for the woodchopper from Crawford to be AWOL on this issue is just unthinkable. Where is the president of the United States? The violence in this conflict right now is now probably as intense as it's ever been, certainly in his presidency. And he is ominously, he is unquestionably silent, or should we say, speaking through a White House spokesperson. Is that world leadership at this time? So, front and center, Oh! It's Obama! What's he gonna say?! This is a crucial time for, I think, Obama to make sure he doesn't inject himself into this and run our foreign policy on conjecture and speculation. He can't do anything. He's not the president of the United States. And Bush is just waiting for time, doesn't have the balls to come out and make a statement and order everybody to knock it off, can't we live side by side without butchering one another?!

And I'm not convinced that this isn't a political tactic on the part of the Israelis -- let's find out if Barack Obama's really going to support us. There's a lot of Jewish people in America that were really concerned about him, about, you know, he wasn't going to support Israel. Well let's find out!

And later in Schultz's show on Tuesday --

I think this is a real setup. This might be happening to call Obama out early in his presidency to test his stance on this entire position between Israel and Palestine. 

Ah, that explains it. To devotees like Schultz, Obama is the handy prism through which the actions of others abroad, friend or foe, can be brought into focus. But what about all those flareups between Jews and Arabs before Obama achieved this Zeus-like influence?

I can imagine how useful Schultz's outlook must be, freeing him from that problematic approach known as thinking. We've seen many variations of this regarding the chimera of manmade global warming, what with all nature of weather, including bitter cold and record snowfall, blamed on rising temperatures.

Expect more along the same lines from Schultz and his cohorts in left-wing media after Obama takes office. Obama's presidency will be cited as responsible for stability in Iraq, an end to recession, America's renewed status as Ms. Congeniality on the world stage ...

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