Jon Stewart Wades into BMI Muppet Controversy

December 15th, 2011 1:32 PM

When MRC’s Business & Media Institute pointed out that the latest Muppet Movie featured the tired Hollywood cliché of a rich oil man as the villain, left-wing bloggers and comedians ran to the Muppets’ defense. Now Jon Stewart has picked up the mantle. On the Dec. 14 episode of “The Daily Show,” Stewart railed against the Muppet critics, “There are so many controversies this holiday season, but of all of them, only one is the stupidest.”

In a five minute segment, Stewart went after what he deemed the “stupidest” controversy, and brought on guest John Hodgman to defend liberal Hollywood films. That of course devolved into mockery of movies and creatively edited clips such as a “Profitar” spoof based on “Avatar.” (See Video Below)

Stewart picked up on the Huffington Post headline that claimed Fox Business Network’s Eric Bolling called the Muppets communist. While this story was quickly promoted by the liberal blogospheres echo-chamber, Bolling actually never said it. To Stewart’s credit, he played the clip where Bolling made his only communist reference in regards to the Muppets, “We’re teaching our kids class warfare. Where are we, communist China?”

Whether writing for kids or adults, Hollywood portrays corporations and successful businessmen as evil. And while the Muppet movie is a light-hearted comedy for kids, the liberal entertainment establishment’s continual demonization of successful enterprise is lazy and uncreative at best, and it’s a disservice to kids who have to grow up to be part of a dynamic free-market economy.