Government PSA Hijacks Disney to Promote First Lady Initiative

When will the government stop wasting taxpayer dollars? In a new public service announcement, Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” initiative twists Disney’s classic "Beauty and the Beast" into an animated production telling parents how to have healthy children.

Perhaps the choice of a Disney cartoon is appropriate, since the liberal nanny-state insists on treating Americans as children. The United States Department of Agriculture, along with the Ad Council and the “Let’s Move” initiative managed to waste money telling parents that children should eat vegetables and play outside.

(Video Below)

“Eat dinner together, add veggies to each meal, save treats for special occasions, and be sure to get up and play an hour each day. Help your kids make all of their dreams come true!”

Liberals confused by opposition to the "Let’s Move" initiative probably won’t understand what a complete waste of money this is either. But if the new GOP-led House is looking for wasteful spending to cut, it could start with cute but frivolous advertising.

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