Olbermann Blasts O'Reilly, Gibson On Viewers and Religious Statement

December 27th, 2005 10:39 PM

Keith Olbermann accuses FOX News host Bill O'Reilly of doing a wrap up of his "rants and distortions" last week, however Olbermann's distortions have been well documented by me and many others at NewsBusters.

Olbermann plays the clip of the O'Reilly saying that the 4am rerun of The Factor beats Countdown 50% of the time. He claims that O'Reilly's viewers aren't bright people and follow him like sheep with a comparison to "800 billion flies". He ended his verbal attack on O'Reilly by calling him "one of those blissful idiots who can rationalize anything".

Keith spends the rest of the segment lambasting another FOX News host, John Gibson. Olbermann lashes Gibson for making what he called a "functionally stupid" mistake when he denied things that were caught on tape about a remark he [Gibson] made about his religion. He then went on to suggest that Gibson should resign.

For kicks: On Tuesday, Dec. 20, O'Reilly had 2,807,000 viewers while Olbermann had 405,000 during the 8pm Eastern hour.