Andrew Sullivan Says "Insurgents Are Legitimate"

On today's edition of The Chris Matthews Show, liberal panelist and blogger Andrew Sullivan made the argument that "insurgents are legitimate" and the Bush administration wants to make a "deal with them and he wants to bring them into the process". Ironically, the process is liberating the Iraqi citizens from insurgents and various other types of terrorists. Full transcript follows.


SULLIVAN: One very interesting part of the President's speech is when he seperated out what he calls rejectionists --

MATTHEWS: I loved him doing that. Why is that important that he did that?

SULLIVAN: Because we're going to make a deal with those people. Zalmay Khalilzad right now is telling those people "look the American people want us out of here, you want us to stay, you really want to hand yourself over to Zarqawi, and these crazy people" --

MATTHEWS: Well that's the best they're offered. That means the President stopped saying they're all terrorists, he's saying that some are simply nationalists who don't want an occupying force in their country --

SULLIVAN: That was news Chris, that was the big news this week that he [the President] is accepting that many of the insurgents are legitimate, that he wants to make a deal with them and he wants to bring them into the process.

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