Matt Lauer Accuses Bush of Holding a Photo-Op

On Tuesday's Today, Matt Lauer interviewed President Bush and First Lady Laura Bush at a house building zone for those who were affected by Katrina to live in, in which the President is contributing too. Lauer immediately accused Bush of using this as a photo-op situation.

Lauer continues the interview by asking President Bush why we are "making" Louisiana residents pay back the money they are borrowing for Katrina relief efforts, yet are not making the citizens pay back the money we spent in Iraq. Matt obviously has not learned the difference between asking to borrow and giving.

Video and Transcript follows.


MATT LAUER: Carolyn Maloney, as you know is a Democrat from New York, the congresswoman said -

BUSH: You're quoting a lot of Democrats today Matt, that's interesting.

Matt: She said that we aren't asking the people to pay back the money we're spending there, why are we asking people of the Gulf Coast, requiring them to pay back this money? How would you respond to that?

BUSH: Well the people of Iraq are paying a heavy price for terrorism.

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