Hotel Chain Drops CNN over Sniper Video

November 17th, 2006 10:38 AM
It seems like CNN (and not Fox News) is on every public TV. But one hotel chain has decided that the liberal news network crossed the line when it showed a terrorist video. Reports the AP:
A Midwest hotel chain has pulled CNN from the TV channel lineup in its guest rooms, saying the cable network was aiding terrorism with the broadcast of a video showing Iraqi snipers shooting at U.S. troops.

The broadcast, which aired Oct. 18 on CNN and CNN Headline News, featured portions of a tape the network said it obtained from a rebel group, Islamic Army of Iraq.

It crossed the line from journalism to propaganda, said James Thompson, president of Iowa-based Stoney Creek Hospitality Corp. ''It was shocking and repulsive,'' he said. ''Their actions supported terrorism.''

Comments from guests are running 3-to-1 in favor of the decision, Thompson said.

The chain has hotels in East Peoria, Moline, Quincy and Galena, Ill. Columbia and St. Joseph, Mo.; Des Moines and Waukon, Iowa, and La Crosse and Wausau, Wis.